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Top Tips for Designing a Convenient Jewellery Website Experience

Top tips for designing a convenient jewellery website.

Your website is probably one of your most important business tools if you are a proud owner of a jewellery shop. Considering that customers can view your items online and place purchases whenever necessary, this might be a great option. It’s important to ensure, nevertheless, that your website stands out from the plethora of other jewellery websites. These Top Tips for Designing a Convenient Jewellery Website Experience can help you do just that! 

Building a visually appealing website may be crucial to a company’s success. Through trial and error, a great deal of jewellery business owners have discovered what works and what doesn’t in this field. Here in this article, we have discussed top tips for designing a convenient jewellery website experience.

Why is jewellery business web design so crucial?

According to some research, people process visual imagery far more quickly than words. Therefore, visual information can be absorbed by the brain more quickly than textual information, and may even have a greater impact.

The style of a jeweller’s website also conveys a lot about the caliber of service they will provide. Customers inadvertently draw links between marketing messaging, visual components, and how they view a company. Therefore, if your website appears messy and disorganized, that’s how people could perceive your brand.

Top Tips for Designing a Convenient Jewellery Website Experience

Designing a Convenient Jewellery Website

  • Improve the way your web pages are laid together.

The first step in increasing the efficacy of your website is to pay close attention to the design of each page, paying particular attention to the homepage and any landing pages you use for campaigns. Focusing on the action you want the visitor to do is essential for a well-structured website. What do you want the page to achieve? Is the goal to build awareness of your jewellery store’s brand? Is the goal to sell an engagement ring or to produce a lead?  Boost foot traffic to your business?  Your website’s style should make it evident what your objectives are, no matter what they may be. According to studies, you just have three to five seconds to pique visitors’ interest. Make your point clear.
  • Mobile friendly

These days, mobile devices are the most popular option for web access. More than 90% of mobile internet users access the web through a mobile device, while smartphones and tablets account for over 80% of all online traffic. Since web design is always changing, websites made on PCs might not be appropriate for mobile devices. Mobile devices are designed to display responsive visuals and media, such as photographs and movies, in their entirety. Think about the material you want to present while creating a mobile-friendly website. Videos, for instance, work well on mobile devices and have to be included. A mobile-friendly website is a must for any marketing campaign, since mobile users are twice as likely as desktop users to click on advertising or links, according to study Marketer.
  • 360-degree effect

Videos must be added to photographs of jewellery if they are insufficient at times. To give customers the impression that the jewellery is interactive, particularly in 360-degree films. They may view the jewellery items from every aspect while the object rotates, simulating the sight and touch sensation they’ll have in real life. Jewellery businesses may benefit greatly from the use of 360-degree jewellery movies in addition to Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).
  • Keep a careful eye on your user experience metrics

A successful website understands its audience better than it does. To gather audience insights, this entails monitoring every click on your website. It is impossible to overstate the significance of having a strong analytical approach.  To begin with, you absolutely must install Google Analytics. It reveals the sources of your clients’ traffic as well as how it enters your website. However, Google cannot provide you with all the information. You must delve further. User behavior solutions may even record visitor sessions and provide you with extensive feedback in the form of heat maps and views of your sales funnels.
  • Simple Navigation

Making your website easy for clients to navigate is one of the most crucial things you can do. A lot of individuals purchase online for the first time on jewellery websites. The standard functionalities of a website might not be recognizable to them.  Make your navigation as easy to use as possible by streamlining it. This reduces the likelihood that users will become irate and quit your website. Remember that following this tip can increase your conversion rates! To make a website easier to use and more appealing to visitors, designers should make layout changes. This entails getting rid of anything superfluous that detracts from the goal and substance of the website.
  • Create simple graphics

When developing a website, graphics should also be taken into account. Websites are made with the web in mind, not paper in mind. Utilize the internet space to your advantage when developing a website by producing readable, high-quality photos. It’s a good idea to keep your graphic design to no more than six or seven distinct shapes and colors. It’s not necessary to employ every color in your color scheme or several forms in one design.
  • Request the client to add feedback

Request the client to add feedback

The finest resource for expanding your business is your clientele. Being aware of your client’s needs and meeting them before they even realize it is one way to enhance the user experience on your website! Surveys and feedback forms let you get valuable information from site visitors.  Even something as basic as a pop-up window with one question in the corner of your website can provide fantastic results.  After each sale you make, it’s a good idea to include a more thorough customer satisfaction survey.  Asking visitors to your website what they liked and didn’t like should not be a fear.  Even more so than good feedback, negative reviews might help your jewellery business expand.  
  • Add search bar

Even more annoying is discovering there isn’t a search box on the page, leaving you to go through hundreds of options. It would take time for some people. If you were a jeweler, you would undoubtedly lose potential sales since customers would probably leave your website. It’s probable that the shoppers are as frustrated if you put yourself in their position and find it frustrating. When it comes to e-commerce, people who utilize the search box have a higher likelihood of making a purchase than those who prefer normal navigation. It is easy to use, and everything that is easy to use benefits you as a jeweler by raising your conversion rate.
  • Clear Call to Action

To get buyers to think more like “I should buy that” instead of just “that looks nice,” strong calls to action are required. Additionally, you should employ calls to action on your product pages, in shopping carts, and on any other important page, such as a contact page. Choose a call to action, such as “find the perfect ring today” or “call us to schedule a personalized consultation,” rather than something cliche like “contact us” or “shop now.”

Up to you!

We have only touched on a handful of the many ways you may improve the customer experience on your jewellery website. Therefore, we advise relying significantly on design thinking techniques and enlisting the aid of a knowledgeable team.

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