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Our Process

Discovery Phase

We thoroughly examined SKW Distribution LTD’s distribution procedures, target market, and particular needs during the discovery stage of their B2B mobile app development project. To determine the app’s scope and capabilities, we carried out competitive analysis, market research, and stakeholder interviews. To make sure the app fits with SKW’s aims, this phase concentrated on understanding their business objectives.

Key Project Stages

Key Project Stages

Identification of the main problem where we will develop a solution around it.

The Challenge

Once the problem has been identified, we draw out the challenge that we will address during the project.


We have contacted professionals in the sector to come up with unique ideas.

Insights hunting

Professionals have provided us with a unique insight that will give us the key to solving the problem


We analyse our competitors and study their decisions.


In our research we define the target audience to whom we communicate the solution.


We elaborate the flows to identify the screens that our team has to develop.

Hi-Fi Wireframes

We conducted a second version validating our results and created a more realistic version.


We conducted a second version validating our results and created a more realistic version.

Product Testing

We have tested the product with real users and verified our results.

Product Evaluation

We evaluate the product and identify whether it works and assess possible improvements.

Product Conclusions

We end with final conclusions and evolve the problem in the next steps.

Turbocharging User Experience

Enhanced Visibility using Skilled SEO Techniques

Increase the exposure of your B2B app with professional SEO strategies. By using strategic optimisation, you can make sure that target companies can find your app with ease. Our expert SEO techniques improve your app’s search engine rating through backend improvements, content refining, and keyword optimisation. Through the strategic integration of these strategies, we ensure heightened exposure within the competitive B2B market, generating a g

reater number of quality leads and cultivating significant commercial relationships via your application.

Turbocharging User Experience

Enhancing User Interaction by Speeding Up Load Times

Prioritise quick load times in your B2B app development to maximise user involvement. Quick loading improves user experience by increasing engagement and decreasing bounce rates. To speed up load times, we optimise media assets, use caching techniques, and use effective coding principles. By prioritising speed, we guarantee smooth interactions, enabling users to quickly obtain information, make wise decisions, and increase productivity in your B2B app environment.

Integrated Lead Generation Chat Plugin

Added a dynamic chat plugin to your B2B app can improve lead generation. Our system allows you to interact with potential prospects in real-time by effortlessly integrating a chat component. Through tailored dialogues, this interactive technology gathers user queries, qualifies leads, and develops prospects. Within your B2B app ecosystem, the chat plugin facilitates genuine business interactions and drives conversions by streamlining lead creation with customisable processes and built-in automation.

1-Year Free Maintenance

With our B2B app creation service, which includes a free one-year maintenance plan, you can feel secure. For the first year after launch, our team makes sure your app is safe, current, and performs at its best. You can concentrate on running your business while we take care of the maintenance with the help of regular updates, bug fixes, and technical support. You can depend on the success and continuous operation of your app with confidence thanks to this all-inclusive service.

Our Process

Security Measures

Ensured your B2B app and important data were protected by strong security measures. To protect against attacks, we put in place industry-leading encryption mechanisms, reliable authentication techniques, and frequent security assessments. We ensure your app’s resilience against changing security threats with our proactive strategy, which includes vulnerability evaluations and timely updates. You can communicate sensitive data, execute commercial transactions, and prevent any breaches inside your B2B app ecosystem with confidence thanks to our strict security procedures.

Tech Stacks Used






We effectively tackled SKW Distribution LTD’s distribution issues with our all-inclusive B2B mobile app development. By conducting thorough research, carefully crafting a strategic strategy, and carrying it out with diligence, we produced a solid solution that improved user engagement, expedited processes, and significantly increased business growth in the targeted market.


Frequently Asked Questions

The B2B app facilitated streamlined distribution processes, improved customer engagement, and increased operational efficiency for SKW Distribution LTD.

Industry-leading encryption, secure authentication, and regular security audits were employed to safeguard sensitive data and protect against potential threats.

We specialize in various industries including e-commerce, healthcare, finance, logistics, manufacturing, and more.

Yes, our B2B app development service offers tailor-made solutions to align with your unique business requirements and objectives.

The duration varies depending on project complexity, but our streamlined development process ensures efficient delivery within agreed timelines.

We offer comprehensive support packages including regular updates, bug fixes, technical assistance, and security patches to ensure optimal app performance post-launch.

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