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Terms & Conditions

A legal contract for the design or construction of a website between DigitilizeWeb, also known as the “Developer,” and the “Client,” is outlined in the accompanying Terms and Conditions document. In addition, these Terms and Conditions outline the conditions for the Client’s usage of the offered services.  


Any Client may accept these terms and conditions without having to sign an acceptance for them to be in effect. For example, if a client accepts a quote, that client is understood to have understood the terms that apply and to have entirely accepted these terms and conditions. If you purchase or use our services, you have read and agreed to our terms and conditions.  

The website of Digitilize Web:

Prices on this website are all subject to change without prior notice is also part of our terms and conditions. The rates shown here are just for informational purposes; DigitilizeWeb is not obligated to use them for your project. Call us at +447947430685 or submit a price request on our website to get a free quote for your job. Promotional discounts cannot be combined. The main objective of every image on this website is representation.  


Work on a project only gets started by DigitilizeWeb when a down payment is made. The Client shall always make the balance payment before becoming life unless otherwise agreed in writing. Our projects are only done online when all outstanding amounts have been paid. If applicable, annual or monthly payments are required for hosting and domain name registration costs.  


Because of the nature of our service, all payments are non-refundable. The money will not be returned after it has been processed. All invoices must be paid in full within five working days of the invoice’s due date. If the bills are not paid within the allotted period, Digitilize Web is fully authorized to cease working on the project and full pending invoice have to be paid before resuming the project.  

Project on hold:

For example, the customer can pause the project for whatever reason, including a lack of finances or APIs. The customer must, however, cover any unpaid balances. A project may be held for a maximum of six months. When the project is on hold, DigitilizeWeb disclaims all liability for technology changes pertinent to the client’s project.  

Web Design:

One wireframe, homepage, one internal page concept, and up to three design changes are part of the standard web/design job. After you accept our work for the sitemap, wireframe, and draft, any additional work related to additional features, changes, corrections, and instructions that exceed 2 hours in total will result in hourly fees.  

Delays & Penalty Clauses from the Client:

The penalty clauses (if applicable) shall be nullified if the customer delays payments, content delivery, or approvals by more than seven workdays because this will result in DigitilizeWeb having to incur additional design and development expenditures.  

Regular Rates:

Additional changes will apply to features excluded from estimates, quotations, and proposals: Standard rates are 75 Pounds ($100) per hour and (75 Pounds ($100) * 8* 30) per month (applicable) for hosting and server upkeep.  

Failure to use website content:

Since DigitilizeWeb is a small company, we must ensure the scheduled work is completed at the appointed time to maintain efficiency. To make sure that your work is finished at the time scheduled, there are times when we may have to turn down offers for additional work and inquiries. We thus request that you submit the necessary information in advance. We retain the right to charge an additional fee if we cannot advance with your website because we could not get the necessary information within the predetermined time limit, causing us to be behind schedule.  

Automatic Renewal:

All monthly and yearly services, such as hosting, domains, SEO, and SMM, will be renewed on the client’s behalf. Eliminating essential customer services might lead to a loss of revenue, which we don’t desire. We pledge to provide our customers with continuous service.  But the client is in charge of requesting the cancellation of those subscriptions at least 15 working days before the end. After renewing, the customer must pay the entire membership amount for the next term. Digitalize Web retains the right to discontinue the service or subscription at any moment in the event of non-payment within a month.  

The deployment:

Deployment time, measured in workdays, is the time required for the design and development of the internet, excluding your time for requests for content delivery, revisions or corrections, and approvals. Five workdays and two rest days make up a week on the calendar. The customer has no right to request a refund once the code is deployed and the client goes live or payment is made after the approval of a particular phase or milestone, as our services are only compensated for after client approval.  


None of our services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee due to the nature of our job. However, we put forward the effort to please our customers. That is our pledge. Digitilize Web shall never be held accountable for failing to meet excessive demands or expectations. It is up to Digitilize Web to determine if a request or expectation is acceptable and falls within the parameters of the services it is willing to provide to a customer. Unless expressly stated otherwise, all project statuses are changed to “completed” after three months. This indicates that the project will be completed, and no further work will be done.

Inclusion of host and domain name registration services, made available only through the client’s payment, is not allowed.

In the event that a client is not happy with DigitilizeWeb’s services, they can request adjustments. Digitilize Web, however, cannot refund any money.


About data processing for credit cards:

Please be aware that for security reasons, Digitilize Web always takes the following precautions to protect and secure the information it collects online and offline: Prevents unauthorized access, maintains data accuracy, and ensures the correct use of information. Utilizes the services of reputable outside businesses to handle payment gateway-protected encryption and credit card information management for its clients’ websites. These businesses charge their customers monthly fees and fees per transaction. Depending on the amount of the client’s online transactions, the majority of these businesses provide a variety of charge structures best to meet the demands of the client’s business.  


Only legitimate uses are permitted for all DigitilizeWeb services. You undertake to defend and keep DigitilizeWeb services harmless from any claims made against you or another party as a consequence of your use of our service.  

Third-Party Approbations:

DigitilizeWeb makes no assurances regarding third-party approvals. The reason is that DigitilizeWeb is not directly ordering any other party to perform the required task. For instance, it is under no circumstances Digitilize Web’s obligation to obtain confirmed clearance for the applications to be posted on the platforms if we construct a mobile app for a customer for the two platforms, Android and iOS. Any government authority approves the website’s functionality, functionality, or content.  


The client must get authorization and the necessary permissions to utilize any material or files protected by a third party’s copyright. The Client additionally undertakes to release and keep harmless DigitilizeWeb from any claims stemming from the Client’s carelessness or failure to get the necessary copyright licenses and provide DigitilizeWeb authorization and rights to use the same. DigitilizeWeb will require proof of authority and authorizations from the client prior to providing any website design or placement services.  

Ensured SEO Results:

Insofar as keywords appear in the FIRST 30 results of Google, Digitilize Web guarantees SEO outcomes. Apart from those above, we make no other promises regarding the placement. Customers are entitled to a 75% refund of their full money if their keywords do not appear in the top 30 results on  


Depending on the compatibility, capacity, and version of the browsers, the font, and visual look will be standard. We cater to the most recent iterations of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Windows, MAC OS X, and Linux. Depending on your request, we may charge more for various versions. There is a fee if there are no stock photos available. There are no standard proposals for advance retina optimization and it will cost extra if need.

Reward program:

For successful referrals, the Rewards Program DigitilizeWeb provides a variety of incentives, including cash and iPhones. The prize will be given out only until the client makes their initial payment. The iPhone 11 – 64 GB (in any color) or any other iPhone with a price of no more than Pounds 520/- and a cash reward of $500 or an equivalent sum of Pounds 380 are acceptable iPhone models.  

Use of Abusive Language with the DigitilizeWeb Team:

We constantly serve each customer properly and politely at DigitilizeWeb. Our staff members strictly adhere to the idea of cordial client engagement. Every DigitilizeWeb customer must respect their specific project managers and team members. DigitilizeWeb can halt the project/terminate if there is any abusive activity. However, the clients must pay the remaining balance and sanctions for abusive behaviour even if the job isn’t finished. You can also follow us on LinkedIn.    
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