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Tips to Build a Resilient WooCommerce Store

There are numerous dangers and responsibilities involved in running an eCommerce business, but it can also be very rewarding and difficult. Ensuring the security of your eCommerce business is crucial for safeguarding both you and your clients from any threats and assaults. So, it is crucial to know the tips to build a resilient woocommerce store. 

The capacity of an ecommerce business to quickly respond, adjust, and overcome obstacles is frequently what determines its success. Not only can a robust WooCommerce shop increase sales, but it also serves as a symbol of dependability, guaranteeing that the company will prosper even in the face of unanticipated challenges. The path to resilience is complex and can involve using tools like intrusion prevention systems to fend off potential security threats. This evaluates WordPress hosting companies with the knowledge or using specialised plugins to automate routine tasks like printing shipping labels.

If you use WooCommerce, a well-known ecommerce plugin for WordPress, to manage your online store, you need to take additional precautions to safeguard your website and guard against any security lapses. We’ll go over few crucial security guidelines for WooCommerce stores in this post, which will help you maintain the safety and security of your website.

How to Build a Resilient WooCommerce Store

Typical Woocommerce attack vectors

WooCommerce inherently has some of the same security flaws and difficulties as WordPress since it is a WordPress plugin. The following are a few typical security issues that WooCommerce may run into:
  • Lack SSL\TLS

The secure sockets layer and transport layer security, or SSL/TLS, protocol encrypts data as it is sent between your website and its visitors. Hackers might intercept important information and transactions on your website if encryption isn’t used.
  • Cross-site Scripting

An XSS attack occurs when a hacker inserts harmful code into your website, commonly via an input field or form. Anybody who accesses the impacted website can then have their security or privacy compromised by this code running in their browser.
  • SQL Injection

Another type of attack is SQL injection, in which a hacker inserts harmful SQL code into the database of your website. The information included in your website’s database, such as order or client details, may then be accessed or modified by this code.
  • Outdated software

Using out-of-date plugins, themes, extensions, WooCommerce, or WordPress itself might expose your website. To security vulnerabilities that have been known to be resolved in later versions.

You must use strong passwords, and maintain all of your software up to date. It has firewalls and SSL in place to stop these and other security threats from impacting your WooCommerce business. It is imperative that you do routine vulnerability scans on your website and promptly implement any patches or upgrades found.

WooCommerce security tips

  • Regularly review your software

Keeping all of the software on your website up to date is one of the most crucial. The straightforward things you can do to safeguard your WooCommerce store. This covers WordPress, WooCommerce, and any installed themes, plugins, or extensions. Updating your software ensures you have the latest bug fixes and security patches, which prevent hackers from exploiting known vulnerabilities. This is one of the tips to build a resilient woocommerce store.

This may be a major security concern for your website since it can include backdoors, hidden malware, or other vulnerabilities that hackers could use to access it.

Software selection and installation on your website thus require caution. Our suggestions for choosing and handling your programme are as follows:
  • Select reliable and renowned software providers.
  • Maintain software updates
  • Keep track of security warnings and software evaluations.
  • Get rid of any unnecessary software.
  • Use a firewall and security plugins

Using a firewall and security plugin designed specifically to guard WordPress and WooCommerce websites is an additional method of securing your WooCommerce business. By offering capabilities like these, a security plugin can assist you in strengthening the security of your website:
  • Protection against brute force
  • Prevention of spam
  • Security of logins
  • Monitoring of file integrity
By screening harmful traffic and requests according to predetermined rules and criteria. A firewall can assist you in preventing them from accessing your website. This is one of the tips to build a resilient woocommerce store.
  • Use a secure WordPress hosting service

Your hosting provider is one of the main elements influencing the security and functionality of your WooCommerce business. Your website’s files and database are kept and accessible by visitors via the best web hosting UK service. As a result, you must pick a hosting provider that gives WooCommerce websites dependable and secure hosting.

In order to boost your website’s speed and user experience, performance optimisation tools like caching, CDN, and SSD storage are vital. This is one of the tips to build a resilient woocommerce store. Technical assistance for WooCommerce and WordPress problems, including troubleshooting, backups, restorations, migrations, etc., should also be provided by the hosting provider. 
  • Control access and set permission

Keeping an eye on user roles and permissions on your website is another part of keeping your WooCommerce store secure. A user’s role dictates what they can and cannot do on your website, such as create articles, navigate between pages, place orders, and so on. WordPress comes with six user roles by default:

Administrator, Editor, Writer, Contributor, Subscriber, and Client

When your clients register on your website, you should also go over their user role privileges. Typically, customers register on your website to modify their profile details, including payment details, and to examine their transaction history. Customers should only be able to view these sites—any other pages that are not important or relevant to them should be blocked. This is one of the tips to build a resilient woocommerce store.
  • Track the uptime of the WordPress

Monitoring your WordPress uptime—that is, the amount of time your website is up and available to visitors. This is another method of keeping your WooCommerce store safe. Keep an eye on your uptime to identify and correct problems such as server failures, hacker attacks, and software bugs. You can miss out on income, sales, and potential clients if your website crashes. This is one of the tips to build a resilient woocommerce store. Your site’s SEO ranking and reputation might potentially suffer. As a result, you must be aware of the exact moment your website goes down so that you can address the problem as soon as it arises.
  • Employ robust passwords

Using strong passwords for both you and your customers is one of the simplest and most important steps you can take to secure your WooCommerce business. When hackers attempt to get access to your website by figuring out or breaking your login credentials. Also, passwords are your first line of defense.

A strong password needs to be lengthy, intricate, one-of-a-kind, and unexpected. It should be unique from any other passwords you use for other accounts or websites, and it shouldn’t contain any common or private information. You may use a password manager tool, which generates and saves safe passwords for you. To establish and manage strong passwords for your WooCommerce store. You may also use a password management program to have your passwords automatically filled in when you visit your website.
  • Limit the number of attend the login

Another piece of advice for WooCommerce security for your businesses is to restrict the number of times a user can log in to your website. By attempting various username and password combinations until they discover the correct one. The hackers can attempt to guess or crack your login credentials using a technique that as brute force assaults. This can be prevented by doing this. This is one of the tips to build a resilient woocommerce store.

It is possible to limit the number of attempts for a user to login in order to prevent hackers and other malicious users from gaining access. By doing this, you may lower the likelihood that an attack will be successful and prevent malicious traffic from wasting server resources. With Patchstack, you may restrict the number of clicks required for login attempts. 
  • Turn off the file editing

You may modify the code of your WordPress files, including themes, plugins, and core files, using the WordPress admin panel. Nevertheless, if hackers or other hostile people get to access your admin dashboard. This capability may also pose a security issue as it might enable them to insert dangerous code into your website. 

You may stop anyone from editing your WordPress files from within your website by blocking file modifications from the WordPress admin panel. This is one of the tips to build a resilient woocommerce store. This can also shield you from inadvertently corrupting your website through incorrect file editing or coding errors. The wp-config.php file, which is found in the root directory of your WordPress installation, must have a line of code to prevent file modifications.
  • Employ two-factor verification

Using two-factor authentication for website administrators is the final piece of advice about WooCommerce security for your businesses. An additional layer of protection is added to online accounts with two-factor authentication, often as two-step verification or 2FA. This involves people inputting two pieces of information, typically a password and a unique code sent by a separate device, such as a smartphone. This is one of the tips to build a resilient woocommerce store.

A two-factor authentication system can prevent hackers from gaining undesired access to your website if they know your password. Without the second factor, which is only available to you, they won’t be able to log in even if they know your password. For website managers, two-factor authentication may be implemented using a variety of tools and methods, including hardware devices, applications, phone calls, emails, and SMS. The one that is dependable and handy for you should be your choice.

It’s almost time! The debut of your WooCommerce store is almost here. You are now ready to launch, optimise, and protect your store with all of these tips to build a resilient woocommerce store.  The appropriate hosting is the initial step in your trip. And what could be more ideal than entrusting the technical details to the experts? Using Managed WooCommerce Hosting, Pressable handles the technical aspects, so you can focus on expanding your business. Pressable can help you launch your WooCommerce success story right now!
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