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13 Best Business Directory Plugins for WordPress in 2024

13 Best Business Directory Plugins for WordPress in 2024

Do you want to create a website for a company directory? The 13 best business directory plugins for WordPress in 2024 are listed here, so you can get started right now. 

A directory website contains the names, contact information, addresses, and other particulars of people who are similar to or like them. It may be quite tiring to run an internet business. Finding any listed service is made simple for users by online directories.  Regardless of your speciality, you most likely have a number of everyday responsibilities. For instance, you might have to monitor your conversion rates, advertise new goods, and change your inventory. You’ll be happy with the abundance of directory themes and plugins accessible for wordpress website development. The top WordPress plugins, both free and premium, for ecommerce websites are examined in this post. Now let’s get going!

WordPress Plugins for Business Directory

13 Best Business Directory Plugins for WordPress in 2024

  • Woocommerce

WordPress and WooCommerce are ecommerce platforms that work well together. You may open an online store in a matter of minutes with this plugin. It also assists you in configuring safe shipping and payment methods. You can install several ecommerce plugins designed specifically for the WooCommerce platform if you have one. For example, you may generate many coupon codes with Advanced Coupons to promote more purchases. So, use of Wholesale Suite, which assists in setting up an internet wholesale business, may also be desirable.
  • Hivepress

A versatile wordpress directory plugin suitable for markets and classified ads is called HivePress. Furthermore, for your convenience, it quickly adapts to various sectors and specialisations. Easy customisation allows you to rapidly and accurately customise HivePress to meet your company demands. Not only may you combine the plugin with your theme, but you can also select from a selection of paid and free themes. Numerous free and paid extensions are included with HivePress. A lot of premium extensions and themes are available for free with the HivePress plugin. Therefore, themes cost $89 and extensions start at $39, but they both look fantastic.
  • Formidable forms

You may gain deeper insight into your audience’s requirements by gathering user data. After that, you may utilise this information to adjust your marketing plan. With the drag-and-drop builder plugin Formidable Forms, you may design a variety of forms. This is one of the 13 best business directory plugins for WordPress in 2024. You may create nearly anything, even lengthy surveys and newsletter opt-ins. Additionally, the plugin has an easy-to-use user interface that facilitates managing and processing form entries. You have the option to upgrade to Formidable Forms Pro or download the plugin for free. The starting annual price is $39.50.
  • GEO Directory

Like its name implies, GeoDirectory is an online directory website builder that leverages geographic location to create websites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and YellowPages. While you may get the basic plugin for free, its functionality is improved by the premium extensions. You’ll need to get a Google Maps API key. With its various customisation possibilities and powerful features, GeoDirectory allows for millions of listings. User registration, login, and entry and review submission are all done using an intuitive front-end interface. Users may look for postings using street addresses or zip codes, and the results are sorted by proximity. So, limited feature free plugin that can be expanded with purchased addons starting at $19, although bulk packages can cost as much as $199. This is one of the 13 best business directory plugins for WordPress in 2024.
  • Connection business directory

With its robust directory plugin for WordPress, Connections can manage basic functions like an employee or address book directory as well as comprehensive company or link directories. The free plugin comes with a lot of capabilities, but you may add any additional function you want with the numerous commercial extensions. The plugin has a lot of adjustable options. You may develop nearly any kind of directory website using the custom fields this plugin provides. Translation into more than 20 languages, nested category CSV input, and data CSV export are all available. 

An administrator dashboard can display birthdays, anniversaries, and other significant occasions. Different categories, including individual, organisational, and familial, can be used for group entries. With the family kind of entry, you may put people in groups. So, the plugin is free. Many premium extensions, however, begin at $29.99 for a single website. You may buy a number of premium templates for $59.99.
  • Directorist

For various commercial uses, Directorist is a premium WordPress directory plugin. Making the indispensable platform with Directorist will be an absolute pleasure because to its many incredible and useful features. You may anticipate fantastic upgrades and new features that you can utilise because they are released on a frequent basis. Your platform will seem current and new for a long time to come.

To ignite the excitement, some perks include featured listings, monetization, eye-catching design, email notifications, responsive style, and an infinite number of custom fields. WordPress plugin repository offers a free plugin. For $99 a year, you may get a variety of premium extensions and themes for Directorist. In this manner, all extensions and themes are available to you. These consist of subscriptions, payment methods, sponsored listings, and a lot more. This is one of the 13 best business directory plugins for WordPress in 2024.
  • Monsterinsighter

One of the greatest analytics programmes for WordPress websites is MonsterInsights. This plugin offers useful information about your traffic, audience, and site performance and connects with Google Analytics.  Specialised tracking for WooCommerce is also included. This is one of the 13 best business directory plugins for WordPress in 2024.  So, you may use it to keep an eye on your overall sales, average order value, and best-selling items. Then, you may make better use of your marketing plan and content optimisation by utilising this data. The rudimentary version is out for free. In the meanwhile, MonsterInsights Pro is available for $99.50 a year.
  • Name Directory

Name Directory is a stylish directory plugin for WordPress that helps you create useful and original glossaries and index pages. This is one of the 13 best business directory plugins for WordPress in 2024.  The plugin shows up on your WordPress installation’s left sidebar after it has been installed and activated. Everything this tool has to offer its users is available to you. You may use Name Directory to make several directories and glossaries to provide fresh, original material to your website. Numerous customisation options are available in the settings area to help you fine-tune the general functioning and layout. One of the greatest options available is Name Directory, which is a directory that leans more towards a glossary/index format. Open source and free directory plugin. 
  • Rafflepress

By holding contests, you may efficiently increase sales. You can easily set up a giveaway on your website with the aid of RafflePress. The contest entry procedure is also incredibly easy with this plugin. Consequently, this may aid in promoting involvement. It also has integrations with well-known social networking sites. Consequently, you will have several avenues through which to advertise your freebies. Alternatively, you may buy the premium edition of RafflePress and use it for free. The starting annual price is $39.20. 
  • Directory Pro

If you’re looking for a professional yet somewhat whimsical style with a sophisticated payment system that takes bids and other unique payment options, have a look at the Directory Pro plugin. This directory plugin for WordPress is available for purchase on the CodeCanyon marketplace. As a result, you pay $34 as a one-time cost and then $11.25 to extend your support period to 12 months. Local or international company placement appears to be the strongest suit for the listing plugin. Together with a gorgeous page for your listing, it also offers businesses an area to control the appearance of their internet presence. $39 for a single site’s lifetime upgrades and six months of maintenance with regular Envato licencing. This is one of the 13 best business directory plugins for WordPress in 2024.
  • Hubspot

A strong sales and marketing plan may significantly contribute to the success of your company. Ensuring you have the appropriate instruments on hand will be necessary to do this. This is one of the 13 best business directory plugins for WordPress in 2024.  A vast array of products is available from HubSpot to assist you in increasing leads and conversions. These programmes include customer support facilities, detailed campaign reporting, and email marketing software. Additionally, you may use your directory to automatically submit contacts to HubSpot. HubSpot provides a number of free resources to get you going. You could also like to buy one of its sales or marketing strategies. Monthly rates begin at 45 dollars.
  • Gravity View

Many of us add forms to our websites, like Contact Forms, using Gravity Forms. These forms gather a tonne of information. This data may visible in Table View, List View, Data Tables, and Google Maps as a directory thanks to the GravityView plugin. You may have a paid directory right away by using a premium add-on. To do even more with your form data, this plugin integrates seamlessly with other Gravity plugins like GravityFlow, Gravity PDF, and GFChart. For specific levels of licences acquired, GravityView provides extensive interaction with DataTables, a high-quality script for working with tabular data.  This is one of the 13 best business directory plugins for WordPress in 2024.
  • Seedprod

A beautiful landing page is essential for every campaign. For a variety of marketing objectives, including email opt-ins and event promotions, SeedProd assists you in creating striking pages and under-construction pages. You can quickly set up your landing page with SeedProd’s drag-and-drop editor and pre-made layouts. Your material will also be responsive, so it will appear good on all kinds of devices.  To access more features, you may either get the premium version of the plugin or utilise the free one. Annually, paid plans begin at $39.50.

It takes a lot of money and effort to create a directory from the start. WordPress Directory plugins come in helpful in this situation and make it possible for anybody to launch a directory listing website. If WordPress is your preferred theme for managing your directory, have a look at this list. There are themes available for use in case you want a more specialised classifieds directory. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Plugins for WordPress business directories allow you to add individual entries for companies or service providers and present those listings in a searchable, filterable interface.

Directorist is a free plugin for company directories that provides several premium extensions to enhance the features of your website featuring directory listings.

If you want simplicity and concentrate more on the content of the website than on maintenance, Wix is a great choice. On a single platform, you may acquire website design, hosting, and a bespoke domain.

The best WordPress website builder, Elementor, gives you the tools you need to create expert, pixel-perfect websites.

While directory submission involves submitting your domain to other websites so they may update their directory by adding you to a certain category or area, business listing refers to listing your company in accordance with its category on classified sites.

Today, these kinds of directory platforms remain crucial for consumers searching for certain goods and services as well as for companies providing those goods and services.
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