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How to move your website from WIX to WordPress

A basic website can be simply created, however, the restricted options will not last for long. Switching to WordPress for your website is a popular solution for this kind of problem. Now allow us to explain how to move your website from Wix to WordPress. 

It might seem difficult to move your website without losing any data, though. This method is quite easy. Moving from Wix to WordPress is simple if you follow a few best practices, such as choosing the best WordPress hosting provider.

In this infographic, we’ll look at the benefits of moving from a Wix to a WordPress website. Then, we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step guidance to move to WordPress. Let’s go on now! 

How to move your website from WIX to WordPresss

Wix: What Is It?

Wix is a website builder that offers all the resources required for inexperienced and seasoned web developers. The simplest platform to utilise is Wix as it doesn’t require any coding knowledge. Because it allows users to drag and drop templates, Wix is the perfect site hosting provider.

Wix offers its consumers a round-the-clock support crew. Users of Wix are free from hosting and technical upkeep concerns. Wix is hosting more than 160 million websites at the moment.

WordPress: What Is It?

The most widely used site hosting provider is WordPress. More than 455 million websites are hosted by WordPress. It represents more than 37% of all active websites.

WordPress operates at a higher level of technicality. A management hosting service that is available to the public is WordPress. This implies that anyone can use or alter the programme as they see fit.

What Are The Benefits Of Migrating From Wix To WordPress

Your website will require additional functionality and administration as it grows larger.

Wix can be a fantastic option for tiny websites, but WordPress is a platform more suited for larger businesses. It offers more options to enhance your site’s functionality, SEO, design, and user experience.

It’s crucial to schedule a migration to WordPress if your website is becoming bigger every month since the longer you wait, the longer it will take to transfer everything over. In summary, you’ll start to reap the rewards of switching to WordPress for your website as soon as possible.

How to Move Your Website From Wix to WordPress: A Step-by-Step Guide

For the migration from Wix to WordPress to be effective, there are a few steps you must take. This covers installing WordPress and buying hosting. You’ll also need to reroute your traffic after the move. Let us take a step-by-step look at the entire procedure. 
  • Purchase and Set Up a Domain Name

Getting a domain name should be your first priority. This can be accomplished fast with a lot of registrars. You might register a domain name with your hosting company. Use a custom domain name to prevent confusion with another website that shares the same name. 

Finding an open domain is the first step towards registering one. Choose a domain that matches the one you chose for your Wix website, if possible. You can buy a domain name you prefer and go to the next stage after that. 
  • Select a Host for WordPress

Once your domain name has been purchased, you must find WordPress hosting. Unlike WordPress, which has to be installed on a web server, Wix hosts your website for you. Thankfully, there are plenty of hosting companies to choose from.  You should evaluate each web host’s bandwidth, storage, uptime, and support while looking at hosting. Additionally, you must select the appropriate hosting package for your website. The least expensive choice is shared hosting, however virtual private server (VPS) hosting offers more security. If you would rather that someone else take care of the technical details, managed WordPress hosting is also a fantastic choice. 
  • Set up WordPress

The hosting company you select will affect how you install WordPress. Although the programme may be installed manually, your web host could provide a quick-install option via its dashboard. For instance, you must go to the Installs page in your User Portal if you are using WP Engine. After that, you may click Add Install and enter your website’s information. 
  • Enhance Your Website with a WordPress Theme

You must add a theme to your WordPress website after installing it and entering in. This is the basis of your website and dictates its design and organisation. WordPress has a few basic themes, but hundreds more (both free and premium) alternatives are available to you. 
  • Select a Theme for WordPress

With so many options, selecting a WordPress theme may be difficult. You can think about the kind of website you’re constructing and the features you want your theme to offer to help make this work easier. The WordPress Theme Directory’s themes may be filtered with the use of this. Before installing a theme, you may usually see how it will appear and feel. Additionally, you should pick a theme that receives frequent updates and strong support. Older themes may not work properly with other sections of your website and provide a security concern.  
  • Transfer Wix Blog Content to WordPress

You may import your blog material from Wix after installing your WordPress theme. It is not possible to export data from Wix; however, you may move your Wix RSS feed. You won’t need to manually copy and paste every blog article as a result of this.

To create the feed, you must add an RSS button to your Wix website. After then, you may access your RSS feed. Click on your live website’s RSS button to accomplish this. This will launch a code-heavy XML website. Select Save As with a right-click anywhere on the page, and save the file to your computer in a location that is convenient for you. 
  • Move Wix to the New WordPress Website

Now that the transfer is finished, you should also reroute Wix traffic to WordPress. This facilitates the process of linking to your new website for both your current audience and those utilising outdated connections.

Redirecting is crucial, but it can only be carried out if you have a unique Wix URL. You will not be able to configure the redirect if you utilised a free Wix account. A notice informing visitors of your relocation and providing a link to the new website may be posted on the outdated website in its place.  

Why migrate from Wix to WordPress

With whom do more individuals and companies use WordPress? What is the main benefit of continuing to use WordPress? The first of the three primary advantages is the variety of choices that WordPress offers in contrast to Wix:
  • WordPress Offers Greater Flexibility

WordPress provides a wealth of useful tools for website developer in UK. Because they have access to the code, WordPress users may make whatever changes they want to their website. Wix solely offers tools designed by developers, in contrast to WordPress. WordPress is unquestionably easier to use and offers a more extensive toolbox of resources for web construction. WordPress comes with a huge library of pre-made themes. You may even purchase a premium theme.
  • Better SEO

SEO is necessary for better websites since it helps users rank their page highly and get more visitors. Wix has a very limited selection of SEO options. Other than that, all you can do is annotate photos with text and a title description. In contrast, WordPress has several built-in SEO tools. Wix websites only earned 1.4% of monthly traffic, compared to 46.1% for WordPress websites. WordPress websites gain more organic search results since they are 50% faster, depending on the hosting provider, and more SEO friendly. 
  • WordPress Provides Plugin Assistance

Users of Wix and WordPress may enhance the functionality of their websites using third-party plugins. For consumers to manage their websites, hundreds of applications have been developed by Wix developers. But there are hundreds of plugins in the WordPress library.

A plugin can be made by any member of the WordPress community. WordPress users need to be cautious while searching for high-quality plugins in light of this. See our guide to WordPress plugins for information on the finest plugins available!

Many decide to begin developing their internet presence using a platform such as Wix. It is a quick and easy way to get online at a very low cost. It is also incredibly user-friendly. But when your company develops and your brand starts to take off, you’ll realise that using a platform that provides more customisation and flexibility to support your online marketing is essential.

WordPress is the better platform with more features to help you make the most of your online presence and is considerably better for search engine optimisation. Switching from Wix to WordPress is a great idea! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before switching to WordPress, you don't need to create a backup of your Wix website because we will simply be exporting the content using all of the techniques. Still, it's a good idea to regularly backup your website.

Before switching to WordPress, you don't need to create a backup of your Wix website because we will simply be exporting the content using all of the techniques. Still, it's a good idea to regularly backup your website. For future reference: This is a tutorial on using WordPress for backups.

The converted pages and articles are immediately published in all of our testing. Importing them in draft form is not possible.

Yes, you may transfer it free from Wix to WordPress. Transferring a website from Wix to WordPress may be done for free. However, you'll probably need to utilise a commercial product or outsource the work if you want a speedier answer.

Wix is a well-known website builder that makes it easy and quick to construct a basic website. Nevertheless, a lot of Wix users quickly discover that their options are restricted and that purchasing additional features might be costly.

Wix has a 500MB storage package that is free for life. However, there are relatively few customisation choices available with the free plan.
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