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How to Make a Shoppable Video to Boost Ecommerce Sales in 2024

Making a Shoppable Video to Boost Ecommerce Sales in 2024

Video marketing has been growing rapidly. A recent ecommerce market analysis projects that by 2028, the video commerce market will have grown by 32%. The explanation is really obvious: viewers are ravenous for information that is simple to ingest, and video is a tried-and-true medium that never fails to please. Every company aims to use video to increase sales and direct conversions. But how to make a shoppable video to boost ecommerce sales in 2024.

This technological twist will enable you to significantly enhance your video advertisements: videos that may be purchased. Shoppable videos have the potential to be a powerful navigational aid that guides repeat visitors from a landing page to a product page, perhaps resulting in conversions. So, read the blog to know in detail about these shoppable videos.

What is a shoppable video?

A new technology that is sweeping the ecommerce industry is shoppable videos on Shopify. It’s an interactive experience that blends the ease of internet buying with the potency of video. Videos may now include interactive components and product links, allowing viewers to purchase while they watch, making the shopping experience more immersive and interesting. Consider it as your online store’s version of the Home Shopping Network or “As seen on TV” presentations.

Some well-known companies, like Amazon, have already begun to use this new medium since it enables them to interact and communicate with their customers on a deeper level.

Why Do Shoppable Videos Matter?

shoppable videos on Shopify

Shoppable videos are a special chance for any kind of business, big or little, to dramatically enhance your enterprise in several areas. This is why they are so important:
  • Concentrated On-Site Client Interaction

Without a doubt, visitors are more inclined to stay on your website longer when the video is engaging and fascinating. Customers get more interested in your items the longer they interact with your website, which raises the likelihood that they will make a purchase. Take engagement to the next level by combining this with shoppable videos, which convert passive viewing into interactive video. To find out additional information or to add an item to their basket, customers simply click on it within the video. So, converting a channel of communication that is often one-way into an interactive two-way encounter.
  • Easy Way to Purchase Funnels

Convenience rules the fast-paced world of today. Your online store will become more enticing the simpler and more uncomplicated you make the purchase process. This ease is provided via shoppable films, which integrate product research, education, and shopping into a seamless interactive experience. Seeing the product in action gives customers a more customised experience and facilitates decision-making. Both the client and the business benefit from it.
  • Enhanced Revenue and Sales

Like a basic ecommerce solution, shoppable videos convert viewers into customers by making the purchasing process simpler. This can lead to an increase in revenue. In order to make shopping more personalised, some platforms even utilize smart technology to offer items based on viewer preferences. Aside from this, quick and simple purchasing choices combined with engaging video content might encourage impulsive purchases.
  • Data-Based Perspectives

Shoppable videos offer comprehensive analytics that offers important information about the actions, interactions, and purchases made by viewers with items. Making smart marketing decisions can be aided by this knowledge. You may create future films and marketing campaigns that more effectively appeal to particular client segments by studying the data. Additionally, you may optimize your video marketing approach based on data by doing A/B testing to test out various video styles, formats, and product placements.

Shoppable Video Content Types that Increase Revenue

ecommerce business

In a world where ecommerce business is opening up every day, posting videos on your website is insufficient to increase sales. You must carefully select the appropriate kinds of films if you want to increase engagement and conversions. Find out what kind of shoppable video ads content works best, such as influencer and customer reviews, product demos, and reviews. Find out how these tactics may improve sales and brand recognition.
  • User-generated content and influencer videos

For companies who work with influencers and promote their products through user-generated content. It’s also a smooth transition to turn this material into interactive buying experiences. Adding shoppable influencer films to your website will give product showing a more unique feel. Include a dependable persona that customers are 63% more likely identify with as well. The content might be centred on the product, showing off practical applications and offering advice or tricks.
  • Client Testimonials

Online shoppers have traditionally relied heavily on customer evaluations, which provide a wealth of peer-to-peer information that many find priceless. By adding video endorsements or reviews to the buying experience, shoppable videos may go one step further.
  • Product Displays

Shoppable videos that provide in-depth product demos and how-to tutorials are advantageous for brands. These interactive experiences may do more than simply display the product’s look; they can also describe its benefits and features and include a detailed usage manual.
  • Tutorials and How-To Guides

Post educational material that highlights your merchandise. Expose any hidden features, walk through how to utilize them, and handle typical problems that clients could run into. Your items’ ability to suit customers’ wants is made clearer to them by using this instructional method.
  • Virtual Try-On Sessions

Utilise augmented reality (AR) technology to let clients virtually test accessories, cosmetics, and apparel. Customers can view how things appear on them before making a purchase, which makes buying more individualized and secure.

How To Make A Shoppable Video To Boost Ecommerce Sales In 2024

Knowing how shoppable videos may advance your online business into the future is essential as ecommerce trends keep changing. It’s equally crucial, though, to assess the outcomes often and integrate the development of video content into your growth and conversion plan. Come along as we dive into the art of making shoppable video campaigns that work, from developing compelling content to streamlining the purchasing experience and tracking results. With the help of these data, you can fully utilise shoppable videos to improve customer engagement on the development and income of your business.

Make brief films, record them, and reuse already made ones.

The process of making an interactive video is essentially the same as that of making a standard short movie, thus at first, it is rather simple. This is how to make a shoppable video to boost ecommerce store sales in 2024. We will inform you of the procedures your business can follow to make the videos it now employs for video marketing shoppable as well! When links are inserted, the editing portion is where standard short films become interactive shoppable videos.
  • Open the webpage

The shoppable video must be included in your website as soon as possible during the post-production phase. This may be accomplished by making an account and linking it to your website or online business.
  • Include product links in videos

This is where introduction videos and interactive videos differ from one another. You will be adding shoppable buttons, icons, or URLs to your movies in this process phase. Once you’ve done this right, your viewers will be able to buy straight from the videos.
  • Select a format for your presentation.

There are several ways to display interactive videos, including bubbles, pop-ups, and more! You may specify how you want your videos to appear for your clients based on how you want them to appear on your website and what you want them to accomplish. These formats allow you to tag your goods. It is possible to alter these video tags to better reflect the company’s identity.

Various formats for presenting an interactive video

formats for presenting an interactive video

Selecting the location for the presentation of your interactive films is the final but most important stage. Ecommerce typically prefers landing pages and product pages as venues for their business. Let’s examine why these two venues are often the best ones to distribute these films in more detail:
  • Landing page

Since landing pages are frequently the first page that potential buyers see when they visit your business, this is the top spot for interactive videos according to marketers. The purpose of this video embedding is to retain visitors to your website and prevent them from leaving right away. It is important since it’s one of the first things prospective customers will notice about your business. This is how to make a shoppable video to boost ecommerce sales in 2024. Your potential consumers will stay on your website even longer and may even make purchases if you use a welcome video with links that take them to your homepage or product page.
  • Product web pages

Potential buyers will review product descriptions on product pages before deciding whether or not to purchase the item. To persuade your visitors to complete the purchase, you must include an interactive movie here. Additionally, because these interactive video formats let viewers browse more possibilities and see what else they may buy, they can assist you in increasing sales of ancillary items that can go along with the primary offering.

The Greatest Methods for Producing Original Shoppable Videos

  • You need to be imaginative while making a shoppable video for your e-commerce platform. If you decide to use a storytelling strategy, for example, you will need to develop a special narrative that is relevant to your goods and target audience. This is how to make a shoppable video to boost ecommerce sales in 2024. Using your creativity will enable you to produce engaging videos that boost viewer engagement and conversion rates.
  • Make it concise and a little lengthy. To make sure the viewer understands the information, you should extend the duration of the video shots to at least three seconds.
  • At the beginning of the video, let the viewers know that it is interactive. You may speak directly to your audience by using voiceover or narration. This is an ideal approach to include your audience in the material so that you receive a prompt response.
  • Avoid giving your viewers too many alternatives in the video. In the video, you shouldn’t choose more than three selections. To prevent overwhelming the audience, concentrate on a few topics. This is how to make a shoppable video to boost ecommerce sales in 2024.
  • Provide links in the opening three images. By doing this, you may turn viewers who aren’t interested in watching the full film into potential clients. In the initial few seconds of the video, if you have told the viewers that it is interactive, you should add your shoppable links and allow them to freely engage with your showday on the Shopify App store.

Who can use Shoppable Videos to improve the sale?

using Shoppable Videos to improve the sale

Shoppable videos are a useful addition to any small business’s marketing arsenal. These type of videos are mostly utilised for product-based marketing, but many service-based firms may also profit from using them to boost lead generation and sign-ups.
  • Product based company

Shoppable videos are useful for almost any product-based business, from computer products to fashion items. You may show off a variety of your products in your movie, or centre it around a single item—for example, the newest kitchen gadget. For convenience of use, you can quickly embed links to each book if you’re selling books, or you can include a link to every item the model is wearing if you’re selling apparel.
  • Service-oriented companies

Businesses that sell services rather than goods may also use shoppable videos to increase engagement and conversion rates. The Shoppable films are not just for product sales. Shoppable videos, as previously noted, eliminate the traditional steps a user must do, thus another excellent strategy is to promote your company and the solutions you provide in order to encourage a conversion.

Metrics of Conversion for Shoppable Videos

  • The percentage of viewers that click on a product hotspot and are sent to the product page is known as the shoppable click-through rate, or CTR.
  • The proportion of viewers that add a product from the video to their shopping basket is known as the “add to cart rate.” If you want to do well, aim for at least 1-2%.
  • Purchase Conversion Rate: The proportion of viewers who, after engaging with the video, actually buy a product. This is the ultimate conversion statistic, including industry and product type-specific standards.
  • Return on Investment (ROI): Examine how much money the video brought in relative to how much it cost to produce and advertise.
There will be interactive videos where you may click on items, post questions, and participate in polls. Livestream shopping—the ability to make purchases while watching—will continue to expand. In conclusion, employing shoppable videos is an excellent strategy for online retailers to increase sales and satisfy patrons. To make a video that people enjoy and that increases sales, just use the advice in this article. For more such tips follow us on LinkedIn.
Frequently Asked Questions

Many social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok offer features that support shoppable videos. Additionally, eCommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce provide tools and integrations to create shoppable videos directly on your online store.

Yes, shoppable videos can benefit ecommerce businesses of all sizes and industries. Whether you sell clothing, electronics, home goods, or any other product, shoppable videos offer an effective way to showcase your products in action and drive sales.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) for shoppable video campaigns include click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, average order value (AOV), and return on investment (ROI). You can track these metrics using analytics tools provided by the platform hosting your shoppable video or through integrated eCommerce analytics.

Yes, some best practices for creating effective shoppable videos include keeping the video concise and engaging, featuring clear calls-to-action (CTAs), showcasing products in context, optimizing for mobile viewing, and testing different formats and strategies to find what resonates best with your audience.

Promote your shoppable video across multiple channels, including social media, email newsletters, your website, and paid advertising. Collaborate with influencers or partner with other brands to reach new audiences, and optimize your video for search engines by using relevant keywords and metadata.

Yes, when creating shoppable videos, it's important to ensure compliance with advertising regulations, copyright laws, and data protection regulations such as GDPR. Be transparent about sponsored content or affiliate links, obtain necessary permissions for any copyrighted material used, and handle customer data responsibly to protect privacy.
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