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What Makes Laravel the First Choice for Developers

What Makes Laravel the First Choice for Developers

PHP powers more than 70% of websites that are accessible on the internet today. In the realm of coding, there are now several PHP frameworks available, including CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP, and Laravel.  However, because of its simplicity and adaptability, Laravel has managed to hold its top spot among the greatest MVC-based PHP frameworks. This is what makes Laravel the first choice for developers.  

To know more just read this article, we will cover every aspect of Laravel development and also consider the cool factors that make Laravel one of the first choices of developers. 

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source, free PHP web development framework for creating websites and online apps. Laravel uses the Model-View-Controller architectural paradigm, which is based on Symfony. The first thing that springs to mind after learning the fundamentals of Laravel is whether or not it is user-friendly. Laravel has an intuitive and strong syntax out of the box. Developers favour Laravel over other web frameworks because of its many capabilities. 

To offer a more straightforward solution that would speed up, streamline, and add excitement to the web development process, Tyler Otwell founded Laravel in 2011. Because of its features, such as Artisan CLI, Laravel’s buzz has been well-founded. Since it was made, 10 variations have been manufactured. Each iteration improved on and exceeded the previous one. February 2023 saw the release of the most recent version. 

New Features of Laravel 10

What Makes Laravel the First Choice for Developers

Without question, the addition of new features is what makes each new version the most exciting. Without further ado, let’s examine the enhancements and new features in Laravel 10.
  • PHP 8.2 support

Just a few months before Laravel 10 was to be launched, on December 8, 2022, PHP 8.2 was made available. However, you should still use PHP 8.2 features because Laravel 10 is already prepared for PHP 8.2 and doesn’t require any further steps. PHP 8.2 is really supporting by the whole Laravel ecosystem, which includes Forge, Vapour, and Envoyer. It may even be use with Laravel 9. 
  • Declarations of Native Types

In order to explain what a piece of code performs and what kinds of parameters or replies to anticipate, Laravel employs DocBlocks in its skeleton code. But this will be different with Laravel 10’s native-type declarations.  Better type clarity will be provided when PHP native types are not an option. Therefore, code editors will function better thanks to auto-complete functionality. 
  • Accelerated Hashing Algorithm

A very quick hash algorithm is called xxHash. It has excellent output dispersion and randomization, along with uniqueness to lessen collisions. It’s a good feature to have such a dependable hash algorithm because PHP 8.1 supports xxxh128 and Laravel 10 is built on PHP 8.1.
  • Active Optimisation of Loading

Eager loading optimisation, when there are no keys to load, is one of the intriguing new features of Laravel 10. Since eager loading relations are the cause of many impossible queries, this fix more closely resembles a bug than a benefit. The latest version of Laravel 10 makes sure that there are keys available. 
  • Laravel Pennant

You can see how important feature flags are if you’ve ever worked on a web application that is continuously receiving updates with new features. However, maintaining feature flags would need a substantial amount of labour to accomplish properly. Fortunately, Laravel has you covered with its brand-new first-party Laravel Pennant package. A simple way to keep feature flags up to date is by using Laravel Pennant. It even has a database and an in-memory array driver. 

These are the top features that one can get in the updated Laravel version, which makes Laravel more efficient for developers. Apart from that we also need to know what makes Laravel the first choice for developers. Most web app developers prefer PHP Laravel over any framework but why? Here below we will discuss that.  

What makes Laravel the first choice for developers?

What Makes Laravel The First Choice for Developers

The market for PHP frameworks is a little congested because many companies are vying for consumers’ attention and business. But what sets Laravel apart is its extensive feature list. 
  • Blade Template Engine

Included with Laravel, the Blade template engine is a simple yet very powerful PHP templating engine. It doesn’t increase your web application’s overhead and doesn’t prevent you from utilising ordinary PHP code in views. This is what makes Laravel the first choice for developers. It offers useful shortcuts for common PHP operations in addition to flexible capabilities that enhance web development, such as template inheritance and data visualisation. 
  • Model Architecture MVC

Three separate but links components make up Laravel’s application. MVC divides the user interface and business logic into discrete areas. Three distinct components make up the application: the controller, view, and model. The model manages the data and the most crucial components of the application; it responds to user requests and starts the process of completing them. The user-based application front end is called the view portion. This is what makes Laravel the first choice for developers. It offers a user interface via which the user may communicate with the application and submit requests to the controller and model. The controller receives user requests and forwards them to the end user.
  • Elevated Security

The well-protected code base prevents unauthorised modifications to the code, hence thwarting hacking attempts such as SQL injections and CSRF forgeries. Laravel employs complex algorithms such as and password hashing to ensure that your application’s security is never compromise. Laravel facilitates user authentication procedures with built-in support and makes it simple for developers to create a strong authentication system from scratch. 
  • Eloquent ORM

The Eloquent ORM in Laravel facilitates hassle-free app interaction. No matter how an item is related to another object, you may map and evaluate it in a database using the item Relational Mapper. Rather than writing intricate SQL queries, Laravel developers may create simple PHP queries.
  • System of Modular Packaging

Using the Laravel modular packaging approach, web development may be completed more quickly. To expedite your development process and avoid writing code from the start, you may add more than 5000 modules and 20 feature-rich libraries. This is what makes Laravel the first choice for developers. Modular packages available in the Laravel framework make it easy to code at either the advanced or beginner level. 
  • The Lumen Framework

With the aid of the micro-framework Lumen, developers can create and launch microservices and APIs within Laravel projects more rapidly. Since Laravel and Lumen share the same syntax, you can easily convert your Lumen code to Laravel if necessary. This is what makes Laravel the first choice for developers. When it makes sense, Lumen gives Laravel app developers access to the functionalities of APIs and microservices that integrate into their Laravel framework.
  • Effective Unit Testing

Unit testing offers several tests for the application and can alert developers to frequent errors, but it takes some time. Developers may verify potential user behaviour and test results with the use of advanced testing. 
  • Rapid Integration with Third Parties

What Makes Laravel the First Choice for Developers

Adding third-party connectors to the Laravel application is rather simple. Take a payment gateway, for instance. Developers may simply add the required third-party APIs for whatever capabilities they need since Laravel offers possibilities for them to incorporate third-party APIs into the programme.
  • Automated Work Scheduling and Completion

Developers may set up a command within the Laravel framework and utilise a single Cron entry on the server side for execution thanks to Laravel’s automated task scheduling and execution features. This lets you save money on server expenses and speed up your project with a speedier and more organised backend. 

Every day, more and more developers are using Laravel. You may have heard about this cutting-edge framework and wish to hire Laravel developers UK to assist you with any or all of the web development process. But how? After knowing what makes Laravel the first choice of developers, you need to know how to find that developer. 

Tips to choose the best Laravel developer

  • Examine Your Technical Proficiency

As we mention before, you need to go over your prospects’ portfolios. Even if they are a seasoned Laravel developer, you should always check into their technical abilities. The primary responsibility of a Laravel developer is to create new web apps or upgrade ones that already exist. 
  • Assistance Following Delivery

Not only should your committed Laravel programmers work efficiently throughout development, but they should also be able to help you post-delivery. To avoid unsolved concerns in the future, seek out someone with after-delivery assistance expertise. 
  • Work History

Prior to hiring, one should always review the reviews left by previous clients. You may go online or ask for a reference to see whether the best Laravel development business has received good reviews. Even if a reference is provided, you should confirm that the customer is legitimate and has had experience doing business with the Laravel developer or your potential Laravel development team. 
  • Make a note of your needs.

Finally, but just as importantly, you need to know precisely what you need from your project. If your needs and goals are unclear, you won’t be able to choose the best organisation for the development of your Laravel project. Numerous needs exist for Laravel web solutions, including those for customised Laravel development, extension development, support and maintenance, and Laravel web application development. Additionally, you should recruit people by your project’s criteria and be aware of all of them. 

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