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Top Website Features People Value

Top main Website Features People Value

Now is the moment. The platform on which your website was developed years ago is becoming old. Because it has outdated material and isn’t searchable on Google, you feel ashamed to refer clients there. Furthermore, the very notion of updating it causes your web developer to become nauseous, hence taking two weeks to complete. So, it is important to know what the top website features people value. 

It’s time to give your website a makeover. Inhale deeply. You are capable of overcoming it. However, before you start this new project, there are a few characteristics and functions you MUST have to optimise your website for search engines. Since this is an investment in your company, it is advisable to do it correctly the first time. 

Top Website Features People Value

  • News

Pages that are updated often are valued by search engines such as Yandex, Bing, and Google. Strangely, not all websites on the Internet—including those of your rivals—are regularly updated. Thus, search engines will take note of your website’s activity and reward you with a rise in its position in search results if you regularly contribute fresh content to it! 
  • Simple Menu Navigation

It’s reasonable to argue that, up until we see a badly designed website, we take decent navigation for granted. For users to easily go from point A to point B on your website, navigation is necessary. This is one of the top website features people value. Make the menu as simple and easy to understand as you can! Lower bounce rates are the ultimate goal of a well-designed menu, which should improve and simplify the user journey as they navigate your website. It is advised to keep things straightforward, use basic language, and just include the most crucial sections. Don’t send guests to hundreds of pages! 
  • Make Use of a Simple Design

In terms of website design, less is more—that is unless your website is about maximalism. Users can concentrate better on your message when the website is clear and uncluttered.  Depending on your business, simple websites may seem better.  Additionally, a clean design may facilitate more effective visitor interaction. This may be accomplished by hiring experienced website designer bradford, keeping your colour scheme basic and accessible, and making sure that all of the material on your sites is pertinent.  
  • Add a Search Bar

Add a Search Bar

There are instances when guests know just what they want. All they need to know is where it is, and, just like Google helps us locate things, a search bar leads them there. One of the main advantages of having a search bar on your website is that it keeps visitors on it instead of sending them to another search engine that can offer them a different website that fits their search! However, make sure your search bar is visible and easy to use. This is one of the top website features people value. Users anticipate seeing them, therefore we recommend placing them in the top banner of your website or the upper corner with a vertical drop-down menu. 
  • SEO Approach

Customers who are familiar with your brand can access your website, but what about others who are not? For your website to receive traffic and generate leads, you must optimise it with keywords that are relevant to the searcher’s intent. So, all of this is a component of a well-thought-out SEO strategy. When creating new pages, there are several recommended practices you can do to support your SEO strategy. This is one of the top website features people value. Make sure to incorporate pertinent keywords into both your titles and meta descriptions while writing them with SEO in mind. Make sure your URL structure is clear, simple, and includes keywords.
  • Name of Domain

The URL address that people input or click to access your website is called a domain name. To have a website at all, you must have this functionality. This is crucial: the name of your domain and your business should match. This is one of the top website features people value. Even though it can seem apparent, a lot of business owners frequently disregard this best practice and inadvertently cause a rift between their brand and their website. A distinct and pertinent domain name might be useful for:

Business legitimacy.

Domain authority is your website’s technical applicability to your sector.

Positive search engine ranking outcomes.

Accessibility to both new and returning customers.

Professionalism together with a unified brand.
  • Pictures/Video of Your Group and Work

Clients enjoy visuals. Additionally, people prefer to see that you are competent. If your business offers services like custom cabinetry, IT wire clean-ups, or landscape design, display before and after photos of your work. This is one of the top website features people value. In the interim, if you don’t have a portfolio, you may display your immaculate fleet of vehicles and equipment. Showcase images of your amiable team and your spotless, workplace if your service is more intangible, like life coaching or insurance. Even better, add some video. If you don’t have any of these sorts of pictures, consider adding images of the local landmarks to demonstrate your connection to the region.
  • Chat option

Your website will profit greatly from including a chat feature. So, you may seek their input and respond to any queries they might have using a chat. This might be a great method to find out what aspects of your website your consumers find appealing and objectionable. Additionally, chat can assist in maintaining client engagement. This is one of the top website features people value. If customers have direct chat access, they are more likely to stick around and browse your website. Your website visits and conversion rate may rise as a result. 
  • Buttons for sharing content on social media

Buttons for sharing content on social media

Adding social network sharing buttons to your website is an excellent method of boosting shares and traffic. Adding social networking links to your website makes it simple for users to share information with their friends and followers. This is one of the top website features people value. Select the most widely used and accessible media (Facebook, Instagram), as well as those that are relevant to your audience and appropriate for the kind of material you produce (Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.). 
  • Opt-in subscribers

There are a few considerations you should make about subscriber opt-in. You must first make it simple for people to subscribe to your website. This entails putting an opt-in form in a visible location on your website and making it simple to complete. The second thing to keep in mind is that you need to provide something worthwhile in return for a subscription. This is one of the top website features people value. Hence, discounts on your goods or services or access to exclusive content are two examples of this. The third and last thing to remember is that you must provide your subscribers with frequent email updates. This might occur once every day, once every week, or once every month. The secret is to provide your followers with insightful information. 
  • Testimonies

Testimonials are an essential component of every website, but especially for small enterprises. Why? As 87% of customers research local companies online before using their goods or services. To show off your pleased and contented customers, think about including positive client testimonials on one or more pages of your website. Testimonials might appear as reviews, videos, or quotations. To foster trust, if you decide to utilise a quotation, think about including a picture of your client next to it. So, this is one of the top website features people value.
  • Blog

As they say, content is good. The proverb is accurate. Including a blog on your website is a tried-and-true method of increasing traffic and search engine rankings. Just keep in mind that in order to get the proper SEO credit, your blog needs to be hosted on your domain. We are aware that coming up with topics to write about might be difficult at times. Start by looking for blogs written by businesses in your sector online. Hence, this can help you see what web material is popular and what queries people are making related to your industry.
  • Mobile friendly

Since mobile is becoming the primary means of accessing the internet, your website must work well on a mobile device as well. Unbeknownst to you, mobile devices account for 54.8% of all web traffic worldwide. This implies that you will need to consider how your website will seem on smaller screens while building it. By giving your mobile consumers an excellent website experience, you will also improve your search engine rankings. This is what it means to prioritise this. 
  • Integration between Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Google Search Console

You would be mistaken if you believe your website runs flawlessly without those two Google technologies. To maximise the benefits of your website, you must integrate Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

You can track the search engine performance of your website with Google Search Console, a free tool. It displays the number of impressions and clicks your website receives, how well it ranks in Google searches, and the keywords people use to locate your website.

Another free tool that assists you in tracking website traffic is Google Analytics. It displays the source of traffic to your website, the length of time visitors spend there, and the most popular pages.

In summary, a website for your company or brand is not only an extension of it—rather, it is your brand. Long-term advantages will come from having a well-developed website that puts an emphasis on your consumers’ journey and maintaining their engagement with your content. It might seem like a lot of effort to start a website, and you might not know where to start or what to include. Why not let our Web designer in UK handle your concerns? Give us a chance to create your website! Get in touch with us, and let’s collaborate to create an interesting, feature-rich website for your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Long-lasting content also appeals to prospective customers since it allows them to take control of your site and save time and money on content.

Prospective clients want to read about success stories and be able to picture themselves making use of your good or service.

Prospective clients want to read about success stories and be able to picture themselves making use of your good or service.

The technique of improving each page's content specifically to rank higher on Google is known as on-page SEO. Among the many tasks are adding header tags, improving title tags and URL slugs, and much more.

You can view website traffic statistics under Statistics > Traffic in Site Tools. This page displays data on your site's monthly unique visitors, page views, average number of page views per visit, and bandwidth use.

In order for marketers to measure performance over time and/or keep an eye on crucial SEO health data, an SEO dashboard seeks to condense and visualise the most relevant metrics.
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