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Laravel vs CodeIgniter: Which PHP Framework Is Better?

Laravel, and CodeIgniter are industry benchmarks in the field of PHP web application development. So, let’s find out Laravel vs CodeIgniter: which PHP framework is better?

So, which alternative ought you to select? We’re sure local web developers would have their favorites if you asked them. This might be the case since, depending on the needs of your project, each of these frameworks can be just as helpful.

This article will examine the differences between CodeIgniter and Laravel and compare them according to comparable characteristics such as structure, security, loading times, functionality, and syntax. By having this knowledge at your disposal, you will be better able to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each framework and make an informed choice. 

Laravel vs CodeIgniter: Which PHP Framework Is Better

What is the framework for Laravel?

The Laravel PHP framework streamlines PHP and facilitates developers’ work during the development process. When creating a PHP application, it offers several parts and templates to save you the headache of having to start from scratch. A lot of developers use Laravel because it has a strong ecosystem and a lot of compatible packages and extensions, which helps them build faster. Laravel has improved PHP’s speed and enabled developers to advance it. Laravel saved PHP from extinction.

Similar to CodeIgniter, Laravel development leverages MVC design to streamline your development process. The business logic and presentation layers are kept apart. You might have observed that the database query and the user interface are contained in the same file when starting from scratch with PHP web development. You may divide those into three components using the MVC pattern, which will simplify and streamline the process of developing apps.

Features of Laravel’s framework


For developers, the Artisan tool is similar to Zapier in that it allows them to automate common tasks. It serves as a command line user interface. It eliminates human effort and does repetitive tasks. But the artisan is capable of more than just that. It may be used to develop custom commands, test functions, establish projects, and even do migrations to add context.


The benefit of using an MVC framework is that it allows you to categorise web applications and gain a compartmentalised view of the situation. You may divide your application into three sections using MVC. These include a view, which is what visitors to your website see, a controller, which manages user activities on the website, and a model, which contains the information necessary to enable these actions. Projects may be rationally divided by developers thanks to MVC architecture.  


Let us discuss the part “model” in more detail, keeping in mind the MVC framework. We’ll go into more detail about how it works with relational object-oriented Eloquent. Database tables may be created, edited, and deleted using the Eloquent model. Adding PHP syntax makes it feasible to accomplish this instead of manually writing SQL. The finest aspect? Most PHP frameworks are slower than eloquent ORMs.


Technically we can’t classify community support as a feature, but it is an unavoidable extra advantage. This is important for you to know: there is a growing global Laravel community of “web artisans.”

There are plenty of additional options for PHP developers to gain support from the community on various platforms, in addition to the screencasts that Laravel has for its users. These communities are full of individuals who are eager to assist you in overcoming the learning curve. 

8 Laravel advantages over other systems

  • Wide range of usage

This well-liked PHP framework is well-known for its ability to create dynamic webpages and support powerful application development. The Laravel framework may be used to construct websites that enhance system performance. With integrated drivers, it provides server-side caching capabilities. With this, you may use the relevant instructions to raise the cache limit. It enhances the website’s backend performance and loading speed while also assisting with better memory management automatically.
  • Linguistic diversity

Laravel development Company in UK creates the most successful, dependable, and finest multilingual applications. Because of Laravel’s multilingual features, you may grow your company into undiscovered areas. As a consequence, you’ll gain more exposure and awareness for your business. More people will visit your website, increasing revenue and profits. With multilingual apps, scalability and adaptability reach whole new heights. 
  • Tempering a blade

With a special functionality included in Laravel’s Blade templating engine, programmers may create code by utilizing preset templates. It aids developers in setting aside time and measuring. With these eye-catching, lightweight, user-friendly, and robust templates, developers can write code. It’s also beneficial to keep your website light. It is simply one more benefit that Laravel development offers companies. 
  • Integrated Authentication Mechanism

Because Laravel provides a plug-and-play user authentication method, it is an excellent framework. It provides consumers with easy access to the website through a simple method. An integrates authentication package inside Laravel allows you to control access to the protected resources. Mail servers may be created with Laravel’s streamlined mail integration framework. Notifications may be sent over several channels with Laravel, and cloud-based mail services like SMTP and Amazon SES are available! 
  • Outstanding performance

If you’re looking for the fastest, most flawless features and optimal performance for your website, you should definitely use WordPress. For businesses, the website’s speed and usefulness are essential. In this day of intense competition, if your website performs poorly, your target audience will soon switch to your rivals. 

Laravel forbids it because it offers the best possible speed for a website. To help developers take the commission to the next level, Laravel provides several fantastic tools. The PHP web application’s speed may be impacted by a number of features and functionalities. 
  • Unit Testing

Unit testing your PHP code against Laravel is a lot easier to accomplish. Functionality testing is supported by the framework straight out of the box. To put it simply, Laravel offers a unique collection of features that make it easy to run unit tests with PHPUnit, a popular tool for PHP unit testing. The file is automatically setup by Laravel to execute unit tests on the feature and unit folders. Smaller code segments should utilize the latter, whereas larger code bases with plenty of objects should use the former.

Developers using Laravel may immediately evaluate the functioning of a specific web project thanks to the PHP Unit testing framework.
  • Strong and dependable authentication

The primary motivation behind the creation of Laravel was the long-standing difficulty faced by developers in establishing trustworthy authentication for online applications. The main objective was to help developers create strong, amazing, dynamic websites, and Laravel succeeded in doing just that.

Using Laravel, developing authentication functionality is simple and quick. With its analytical tools and methods, it’s easy to construct an authentication page and limit access to just authorized users and app members. 
  • Simple Upkeep and Assistance

Compared to other websites, the one developed using the Laravel framework requires less maintenance. After a year, adding further features to your website is simple. Your previous developer’s work can be seamlessly continued by the new one. Laravel’s MVC design, built-in features, and responsive community make it easier to use than competing frameworks. It permits website redesigns at any time. 

What is the CodeIgniter framework?

PHP frameworks such as CodeIgniter help you avoid writing the same PHP code over and over again. Nevertheless, it offers a remarkable small footprint and better speed even though it is a PHP framework. Up until now, BCIT has been in charge of CodeIgniter maintenance and version releases.

The greatest option for a straightforward yet eye-catching PHP toolkit for building a fully working online application is CodeIgniter. Additionally, CodeIgniter provides a number of advantages over other PHP web frameworks that make it a top choice in the industry.

CodeIgniter is built on the model-view-controller (MVC) architecture, just like a lot of other PHP frameworks. As such, the controller responds first when a user requests a resource. Before requesting the required data, the controller assesses the user’s request.

Features of CodeIgniter’s framework


CodeIgniter is a great option if you’re looking for simple web solutions. In addition to being user-friendly, the framework is dependable and effective. In addition, you may use its vast online library to create solutions that work for you. You can construct web solutions much more quickly using CodeIgniter as it is also easier to understand than other PHP languages. 


Better error handling is the advantage that comes with its simplicity of use, though. First of all, because it’s simple to use, you make less mistakes. Secondly, it also includes an error logging class and an interface that let you find faults and fix them as you go. You can create scripts in single lines because to its superior nature!


CodeIgniter development is based on the MVC design, it offers its customers greater flexibility and freedom than Laravel since it takes a less rigid approach. Its configuration may be changes to support hierarchical model view controller (HMVC) patterns, which would greatly simplify things for its users. The design of HMVC structures fills in the gaps left by MVC, allowing for more organization support, code reuse, and increased extensibility for online systems.


Similar to Laravel, CodeIgniter has a strong user base and community of web developers. One of the busiest sites on the internet is the CodeIgniter forum, which is rationally divides into several topic areas. You can investigate a plethora of other online and social media venues in addition to that. 

CodeIgniter advantages over other systems

  • Lightweight Structure with a Compact Size

One of CodeIgniter’s best features is its minimal weight. The user manual is included with the few megabytes that make up the framework download. Because of its compact footprint, it performs quickly, which is important for developers who want to increase the pace of their apps. CodeIgniter cuts out the extra features that aren’t needed for every project, making it easier to create web applications that load more quickly and offer a better user experience.
  • Better Search Engine Optimization

CodeIgniter may be a business’s best buddy because of its feature set that is optimized for search engines. Having this foundation would help businesses who want to rank well in Google’s search results. It also offers several capabilities that, when used in concert, may help optimize the website overall without compromising the design or other essential components.
  • Simple To Utilise

Its ease of use stems from the notion that users ought to be free to create anything they want. The model view controller framework for PHP CodeIgniter is easy to use and understand because of its straightforward interface. With ease, you may modify this open-source framework to meet your company’s requirements. A fast solution with several controllers and tools may be dependable and integrated into your project in case future requirements alter.
  • A vibrant community with many resources for support

With its extensive background in web development, CodeIgniter boasts a strong and vibrant community. Developers can get assistance, advice, and free scripts to tackle issues on many forums, specialised websites, and communities. For rookie developers, this may be very comforting since it implies that assistance is easily accessible, guaranteeing that they won’t get trapped when issues arise.
  • Third-party plugins

With its abundance of third-party plugins and libraries, CodeIgniter manages to maintain its simple style. Despite the lack of an internal testing feature in CodeIgniter, you may test your code as you write it by using a number of third-party libraries. The thorough and well-organized documentation flow of CodeIgniter will help you easily set up and utilise the framework.

The majority of hotly disputed subjects have occurred in 2024, and one of those topics on Laravel vs CodeIgniter: which PHP framework is better. Nonetheless, CodeIgniter’s ease of use and greater exploration features make it a preferred choice among developers over Laravel.

Nonetheless, it is undeniable that each of these frameworks has special benefits and significance of its own. You may select the ideal framework for your web development project with the assistance of a top PHP development company in the UK. Your next web application development project won’t be a concern when it’s in the capable hands of experts. For more follow us on Facebook.
Frequently Asked Questions

A backend framework is called Laravel. This PHP framework runs on the server. With the help of this framework, you may create full stack apps, or apps with functions like exporting, order management, and user accounts that usually demand for a backend.

CodeIgniter is a PHP framework designed to construct online applications rapidly. It is built on the MVC structure. We utilise this framework because of its compact size—the complete source code is only about 2 MB. The documentation is excellent, the learning curve is not too steep, and it is expandable. It has parts for emailing, managing sessions, and database tables.

Because of its more clear and simpler approach, CodeIgniter is typically thought to be easier to understand and use, especially for novices. However, Laravel offers more robust and up-to-date functionality for seasoned developers while having a higher learning curve.

In order to expand CodeIgniter's capabilities by project needs, it is possible to create custom extensions and libraries. Because of its adaptability, it may be used to create unique solutions for a variety of online applications.

It has become quite popular among web developers and has a big and active user base along with a robust ecosystem.

It's easier to utilise CodeIgniter for most developers. There are still some guidelines and policies in place even with Laravel, even if it offers similar functionality. CodeIgniter also offers superior error handling and greater freedom and flexibility.
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