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Important Elements of an Ecommerce SEO Audit in 2024

Important Elements of an Ecommerce SEO Audit in 2024

A thorough assessment of a website’s search engine optimisation (SEO) effectiveness is an SEO audit. SEO may be quite difficult for ecommerce websites. How may your ecommerce website be prepared for every market challenge? To do this, optimise your website and identify problems before they significantly affect your site’s search engine rankings. So, we need to know the important elements of an ecommerce SEO audit in 2024. 

Your main category page and other product pages can be more visible by addressing these problems with frequent SEO audits. These essential procedures should serve as your guide when doing a thorough ecommerce SEO audit for your online store.  

What is an SEO audit for ecommerce?

An extensive examination of your website’s content, photos, metadata, and other components is an ecommerce SEO audit, and its goal is to boost the SEO efforts of your ecommerce business.

Analysing why your website isn’t ranking, bringing in traffic, or converting as effectively as it might and offering a workable solution are the goals of this audit, which is comparable to a typical SEO audit.

There are resources and tools available to make this process simpler, some of which we’ll discuss below, such as collaborating with a digital marketing agency in UK like DigitilizeWeb. These are useful tools, especially if your e-commerce website contains thousands or even hundreds of product pages. 

What Does an SEO Audit for an Ecommerce Website Include?

ecommerce SEO audit checklist

If you hire an SEO agency to do the audit, they will guide you through the results and give you an ecommerce SEO audit checklist. To do an audit on your own, you can obtain an audit checklist from some firms’ websites. Simple versions of the whole audit procedure are included in these checklists, nevertheless. While every ecommerce SEO audit is different, most will include the following:
  • Codes of Response

A response code is shown on a website if you visit and see a number rather than a webpage.  The most well-known response code,404, indicates that either the server cannot reach the page or it does not exist. The primary code that has to be addresses in order to avoid bad SEO results is this one. This is an important elements of an ecommerce SEO audit in 2024.

There are more response codes than 404. Response codes range from 100 to 500, and they all have distinct meanings. For example, a 200 response code shows that the server broadcast the page correctly. Following a 404 answer, a 301 code leads viewers to other internal links. You will be able to view your web pages’ response codes during an audit. 
  • Broken Links

Any broken links on a webpage indicate a problem. For several reasons, including the page moving or disappearing, the URL being invalid, or the page not being able to be viewed, you may have broken links. This can negatively affect a user’s time on your website and bounce rate, among other ways that it can hurt your SEO rankings. Broken links might be seen by Google bots that are crawling your website as an old signal, which could result in a drop in your rankings. This is an important elements of an ecommerce SEO audit in 2024

Your SEO audit will find any broken links and recommend a plan of action that usually consists of redirecting the user to a working webpage.
  • Navigation

One of the most important aspects of an ecommerce website is its navigation. Most likely, you created category sites for each of your items and possibly a parent category page with connections to specific products. This is an important elements of an ecommerce SEO audit in 2024

Google bots will scan these pages to make sure they can find and navigate them with ease, which will help your website rank higher. The audit will reveal whether there are any navigational flaws on your website, such as issues with internal linking and mobile friendliness. Additionally, it will go through your content and find any on-page problems. 
  • Crawl Depth

Another feature of website navigation that will be examined in an audit is crawl depth. With just one click, a person may visit a page thanks to this metric. There will frequently be hidden links to other sites, which lowers click-through rates (CTR). These hidden links can be located by an SEO audit, allowing you to change their location to the main section of your website and/or menu bar.
  • Duplicate Content

Ecommerce companies frequently make the error of copying and pasting content between websites. This is what ecommerce businesses do when they provide comparable products and use the same product descriptions across the board. Google will, however, flag your website as a result of this. Because Google wants your websites to have original, beneficial, and valuable information, this might lower your ranks. Any instances of duplicate material will be found during an SEO audit and fixed.
  • Website Speed

Your website’s speed still affects how well you rank in searches even if Google has eliminated “Page Experience,” which includes website speed, from its official search ranking methods. Site performance still has a direct influence on the user experience that people have when they visit your website. This is an important elements of an ecommerce SEO audit in 2024

When your website loads, your eager clients want to start purchasing. If it takes too long for your website to load, visitors could choose to support a rival. For operators of ecommerce stores, slower website loads also result in increased bounce rates, fewer conversions, and cart abandonment. Your website should load in less time than the 3.21 seconds it takes for an average page to load. Your SEO agency in UK will suggest making adjustments to your website if it doesn’t. 

Why Should an SEO Audit Be Performed?

SEO agency in UK

For a number of reasons, doing an SEO audit is essential. It enables website owners, marketers, and SEO experts to assess the performance of their sites as they are right now and pinpoint areas in need of development. You should perform an SEO audit for the following main reasons. 
  • Determine SEO Problems

An audit can assist in identifying technical, off-page, and on-page problems that could be influencing the website’s search engine ranking. Crawl errors, broken links, duplicate material, and other problems are includes in this.
  • Boost Your Position in Search Engines

Through the resolution of the faults found and the optimisation of different parts of your website, you may improve its search engine results page (SERP) exposure. Higher organic traffic may result from improved rankings.
  • Keep Up with Algorithm Updates

Search engines often upgrade their algorithms, which has an impact on how webpages appear in search results. Frequent SEO audits facilitate keeping up with these changes and adjusting your strategy to retain or improve ranks.
  • Optimise User Experience

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is about more than just search engines; it’s also about giving users a satisfying experience. Page speed, mobile compatibility, and navigation are just a few of the areas where an audit may assist enhance the user experience on a website.
  • Competition Analysis

It’s critical to know how your website stacks up against rivals in the same field. You may examine rivals’ tactics and find ways to exceed them in search engine rankings by doing an SEO audit.
  • Maximise ROI

For businesses investing in SEO, an audit guarantees that the resources allocates to SEO operations are uses effectively. You can optimise the return on investment (ROI) from your SEO efforts by pinpointing areas that require work. 

Step By Step Guide to Do Ecommerce SEO Audit In 2024

Step By Step Guide to Do Ecommerce SEO Audit

  • Learn about SEO

 It’s important to have a basic grasp of SEO before beginning the project. The practice of improving a website to increase its exposure on search engines like Google is SEO or search engine optimisation. It uses a variety of tactics and methods to improve naturally occurring (free-of-charge) search engine rankings.
  • Verify availability and establish a connection with Google Search Console.

An essential tool that gives you information about how Google sees and uses your website is Google Search Console. Verify whether the website is register, and if not, add Google Search Console to it. This platform provides useful data such as search requests and indexing status information.
  • Verify the availability

Though exclusive to the Bing search engine, Bing Webmaster Tools is comparable to Google Search Console. To learn more about how Bing indexes and ranks a website, use Bing Webmaster Tools to confirm who owns it. It is an addition to the information gleaned from Google Search Console.

The world of online purchasing is constantly evolving. Excellent items and a unique website are not enough to make you the top. An effective internet plan is requires. Businesses may perform better online with the aid of an ecommerce SEO audit.

DigitilizeWeb can assist in this regard. We can transform your audit into a successful plan since we are well-versed in Ecommerce SEO agency in UK.

Do you want to perform better on the internet? Select DigitilizeWeb to perform an SEO audit. Increased revenues, improved rankings, and more visits are all possible with our help. Reach out to us right now to begin your online success story. For more follow us on Facebook.
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