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How to Develop Travel App – Features, Cost, and Technology Stack

How to Develop Travel App – Features, Cost, and Technology Stack

The travel industry’s digitization has altered numerous old procedures. It altered the way we book travel, purchase tickets, and choose our locations. Without using travel agencies, it’s now, to put it mildly, much simpler to organise a vacation on your own. Travel applications provide time savings on difficult chores and provide access to travel-related activities. Additionally, they put a variety of internet options at the user’s fingertips, enhancing and simplifying travel. That’s why travel agencies must know how to develop travel app- features, cost, and technology stack. 

A list of features that are essential for every travel app has been assembled by us. We’ve also talked about the technological stack and cost breakdown for hiring developers of travel apps.

Developing a Travel App

The advantages of developing a travel app for your company

  • Boost Client Loyalty

In the long term, keeping loyal consumers has grown difficult due to competition from other firms. Developing a user-centric app with a focus on travel and tourism is the best course of action in this situation. The development of a customised mobile application enables you to expand your consumer base and quickly address their unique requirements.
  • Reducing Documentation and Handling Transactions

Travellers may reserve lodging from the comfort of their homes with the use of a travel app. The app provides all the necessary booking data, and users can access them through other platforms like Gmail and WhatsApp. This eliminates the need to carry paper-based documentation upon arrival and allows for simple accessibility of all the papers.  Businesses may also handle transactions for several users at once with the use of mobile applications. 

It allows users to organise and access all the relevant traveller data from a single app, saving them the trouble of keeping important documents like IDs and booking details on paper. In order to improve the trip booking experience, they can speed up the check-in and check-out procedures and enable in-app purchases with faster access to the traveler’s data.
  • Better Customer Service

All businesses, regardless of their sector, strive to offer superior customer services. The goal of the travel industry is to provide the “best possible” tour-related offers, therefore a mobile app can assist increase the effectiveness of these services and allow companies to respond to client inquiries more quickly. Travel operators may offer sophisticated customer assistance with high-performing travel apps that have features like in-app calling, AI-enabled chatbots, AR-enabled room or property tours, and WhatsApp-powered customer services like hotel ticket PDF and booking confirmation.
  • Serves as an Effective Marketing Tool

The travel app will be an important part of your company’s marketing arsenal. You may use it to demonstrate to the intended audience your offerings and key insights and build brand recognition. It may also notify users who have been searching for discounts or who have signed in for future discounts via a travel mobile app about sales, deals, offers, or discounts. You may save marketing expenses while boosting revenue by using it to track and swiftly engage consumers with offers. The more appealing your app seems to consumers, the more likely it is to be a commercial success. 

The essential function that every travel app must have

  • Register or Sign In

Regardless of the kind of travel app you have, it should allow users to easily create profiles, which will increase accessibility and ease of use. Additionally, you will be able to keep user identification on the platform and attend to your users’ interests thanks to this functionality.
  • Use the Search Bar

For users to do searches with ease, your trip booking app has to contain a search bar. One of the most significant ways to improve user experience is through a responsive search bar.
  • Rating and Review

Ensure that your travel app allows users to openly rate and review the apps and services, allowing them to freely share their experiences. Reviewers may learn about your service quality by reading the reviews. 
  • Inaccessible data

It might not be feasible to provide all features without a reliable internet connection. Every travel app needs to be functional even without internet access, though. For example, navigation software has to indicate to users how to get back home, which they have looked for a lot.
  • Chatting and Messaging

It is important to incorporate messaging and chat features into your app so that users may have easy conversations when needed. For instance, if you have a transport service, users may message the driver using the messaging function. Alternatively, clients can get in touch with reception if you have a hotel booking app.
  • Alerts

To keep your clients interested, you need to provide them with discounts and exciting promotions. You may not always have users utilising the app, though. What then is the remedy? Well, you may use push notifications to notify customers regularly about really hot discounts.
  • Secure Online Payment System

Remember to provide secure payment channels in your app so customers can easily start transactions. Every payment methodology needs to be reputable and well-known.
  • Booking system

Users are not engaged by a travel app without a booking system. Also, one of the primary ways that travel applications make money is through the booking feature. 
  • Client Support Number

It is possible for customers to encounter problems, both technical and non-technical. So, to promptly address any problems, make sure your app offers a customer support number.

Travel app development tech stack

  1. UI/UX: CSS, Google Sketch, and Adobe Photoshop may be used to create the app’s layout. 
  2. Analytics: Integrated technologies include Microsoft Analytics, Firebase, App See, and Fabric. 
  3. Location Tracking: You may use services like Google Maps and the iOS core-location framework to incorporate location tracking into your mobile application. 
  4. Cloud Data Storage: You’ll need cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS (Amazon cloud service) to store the massive amounts of data that your app will produce. 
  5. Payment Gateways: Credit/debit cards, PayPal, Braintree, net banking, and e-wallets are just a few of the payment methods you may incorporate. 
  6. Coding: JavaScript, AngularJS, Ruby, Python, or Django may be used to construct the backend, while CSS3 and Bootstrap can be used to develop the frontend.
  7. Development: Swift is used for ios app development, and Java is utilised for Android app development. On the other hand, if you want to create a cross-platform app, you may utilise Kotlin, Flutter, or React Native.

Travel app development costs

The cost of developing a travel app is determined by a number of contributing elements, just like any other mobile application. On average, though, the total cost might vary from $60,000 to $300,000. The exact estimate is contingent upon the kind of application you like to create, the intricacy of the features, the integration of technology, and the location of the mobile app development company in UK.

Your travel app development costs will go up as you add features and amenities, but they will go down for a basic travel app with the fewest pages and UI/UX. Moreover, the outsourcing destination affects the cost of designing a mobile travel app.

How we can help you out!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, your OTA may find that investing in the creation of travel apps is a wise decision. Over time, it will enable you to expand your consumer base, increase revenue, and take the lead in your industry.

Travel applications may be developed to assist users in researching trips, finding affordable flights and lodging, and making reservations.

With years of expertise, Successive Digital has created unique travel applications for leading companies in the travel and hospitality industries. We comprehend the unique requirements of every customer and create a unique, innovative solution.

There are several benefits to having a mobile version of the printed tourist guide. It initially provides people with an easier approach to get information. They can access the guide on their phones, so they don't need to carry a physical copy around with them.

You may draw attention to the features that let customers reserve lodging, rental vehicles, and flights all at once. You may also highlight how the software can track spending and provide data.

Business-to-business, or B2B, travel agencies are a broad category that serve a variety of business travel-related needs. In general, a firm that provides travel booking and administration solutions to another business is known as a B2B travel agency.
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