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Our Process

Introductory Research

We thoroughly examined ORB International Academy’s vision and basic principles as we started the exploration process. We created a custom approach by analysing their target market, which set the stage for a thorough website makeover. The work we did together included making sure the site was responsive, streamlining the navigation, and incorporating sensible design. Each stage included a harmonious fusion of design and functionality, resulting in a website that exudes creativity and professionalism and perfectly complements the online engagement objectives of ORB International Academy.

Key Project Stages

Key Project Stages

Identification of the main problem where we will develop a solution around it.

The Challenge

Once the problem has been identified, we draw out the challenge that we will address during the project.


We have contacted professionals in the sector to come up with unique ideas.

Insights hunting

Professionals have provided us with a unique insight that will give us the key to solving the problem


We analyse our competitors and study their decisions.


In our research we define the target audience to whom we communicate the solution.


We elaborate the flows to identify the screens that our team has to develop.

Hi-Fi Wireframes

We conducted a second version validating our results and created a more realistic version.


We conducted a second version validating our results and created a more realistic version.

Product Testing

We have tested the product with real users and verified our results.

Product Evaluation

We evaluate the product and identify whether it works and assess possible improvements.

Product Conclusions

We end with final conclusions and evolve the problem in the next steps.

Turbocharging User Experience

Peak Recognition through Expert Strategic SEO

Our specialises in immersive web design and development, was instrumental in the achievement of increased visibility in response to ORB International Academy’s demand for a strong online presence. Our strategic SEO expertise acted as a catalyst to maximise online discoverability, realising the institution’s desire to draw in and involve its target audience. We thrust ORB International Academy into the digital limelight by deftly incorporating SEO concepts into the immersive web design, guaranteeing not just exposure but also ongoing interaction with its target audience.

Turbocharging User Experience

Modifying Load Times to Provide an Unforgettable Experience

Our emphasis on improving website performance, in collaboration with ORB International Academy, made sure that users had a remarkable and effective surfing experience. We achieved considerable improvements in load times by using creative tactics and rigorous optimisation procedures. the creation of a website that easily engages and captivates visitors. Our focus on improving the audience’s whole digital experience through ORB International Academy is reflected in our efficiency commitment.

Integrated Chat Plugin for Lead Generation

This strategic addition serves as a catalyst for lead generation, allowing real-time interactions with the audience. By incorporating this feature into the website, we’ve facilitated instant communication, enabling prospective students to inquire and engage effortlessly. The chat plugin not only enriches user experience but also empowers ORB International Academy to capture leads efficiently.

1-Year Free Maintenance

Our committed team will take care of any problems ahead of time, apply updates, and offer technical assistance, freeing ORB International Academy to concentrate on its major goals without having to worry about website upkeep. This free service is a testament to our continued commitment to the prosperity and smooth functioning of the digital platform that we designed together.

Our Process

Security Measures

We included SSL encryption, regular security audits, and timely updates to safeguard ORB International Academy’s digital platform. This proactive approach ensures data integrity, confidentiality, and protection against potential cyber threats, guaranteeing a secure online environment for both the institution and its users.

Tech Stacks Used






The collaboration between DigitilizeWeb and ORB International Academy produced outstanding outcomes. The online visibility of ORB International Academy has significantly improved thanks to a visually appealing website and user-friendly mobile applications that successfully communicate the institution’s corporate identity. Increased engagement, greater satisfaction, and better user retention resulted from the user-friendly design and smooth user experience. Additionally, the effective administration of course materials, student registration, and connection with learners was made possible by DigitilizeWeb’s web-building skills. ORB International Academy saw a significant rise in enrolment due to the partnership, expanding its reach and solidifying its status as a premier educational organization in the digital sphere.


Frequently Asked Questions

The key stages included project identification, challenge definition, research, insight hunting, benchmarking, persona development, user flow creation, hi-fi wireframing, prototyping, product testing and evaluation, and a final product conclusion.

DigitilizeWeb addressed challenges through in-depth research, insight hunting, benchmarking against competitors, and the development of a custom approach tailored to ORB International Academy's vision and target audience.

DigitilizeWeb strategically incorporated SEO concepts into the immersive web design, maximizing online discoverability and ensuring ongoing interaction with the target audience, thus elevating ORB International Academy's online visibility.

While the chat plugin is a powerful tool for lead generation, there are alternative strategies, such as contact forms, email subscriptions, or interactive content. DigitilizeWeb can provide customized solutions tailored to your preferences, ensuring effective user engagement without the use of a chat plugin.

DigitilizeWeb offers SSL encryption, regular security audits, and timely updates as part of their security package. If you have specific security preferences or requirements, the team can discuss customisation options to tailor the security measures to your specific needs.

Absolutely. DigitilizeWeb specializes in immersive web design and development, making them well-equipped to enhance the design and performance of existing websites. They can work with you to identify areas for improvement and implement solutions that align with your goals.

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