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Best UI/UX Design Agencies in Manchester 2024

Best UI/UX Design Agencies in Manchester 2024

Are you trying to find the best UI/UX design agencies in Manchester 2024 that can make your product appear amazing, finish tasks on schedule, and offer high-quality services at a fair price? Manchester Digital is a local community that brings together software developers, UI/UX design companies, and IT workers. The group meets often at conferences, webinars, and seminars. Manchester is becoming a more attractive location for the growth of the UI/UX sector as a result of their insights sharing and innovative actions.

Our design specialists have put together a list of 20 top companies who assist you in to have the best design for your business. Large and small companies who specialise in UI/UX design or that offer it in addition to other digital services belong in this list. 

Top 20 UI\UX design agencies in Manchester

  • DigitilizeWeb

Top 20 UI\UX design agencies in Manchester

In 2024, DigitilizeWeb will be the best UI/UX design agency in Manchester. DigitilizeWeb is well-known for its creative thinking and flawless design solutions. It specialises in creating captivating and engaging user-centric interfaces for audiences. Thanks to a team of highly competent web designers and app developers, they offer state-of-the-art designs that are custom to match the unique requirements of customers. So, their portfolio highlights their adaptability and experience with a wide range of successful projects across many sectors. This is one of the best UI/UX design agencies in Manchester 2024. 

DigitilizeWeb provides a broad range of services in addition to UI/UX design, such as web ecommerce solution, digital marketing, web hosting, SEO, and more. Clients are guaranteed to receive all-encompassing help to achieve their company objectives through their complete approach to online solutions. So, with their creative designs and commitment to customer success, DigitilizeWeb is a reliable partner that keeps raising the bar in the business. For companies in Manchester and beyond, DigitilizeWeb continues to be the go-to agency whether they need help building engaging websites or accelerating digital development. 
  • Fortnight

Fortnight is a Manchester-based UX design agency. The agency specialises in development, design, and branding. Fortnight was awarded the Apple Design Award in 2017 and the GQ Design Award in 2018. This is one of the best UI/UX design agencies in Manchester 2024. 

The agency uses a three-step collaborative method that includes research, analysis of competitors, development and testing of MVPs, and design and development. So, the hotel and leisure, retail, entertainment and music, arts, and other sectors are the primary industries that Fortnight focuses on with its initiatives. 
  • Soap Media

Located in Manchester and Preston, Soap Media is an award-winning digital marketing agency that has worked with some of the biggest businesses in the UK. They have been recognised by The Drum as the best agency for customer satisfaction and are a Google Premier Partner. They provide an integrated strategy to our clientele. Team of Soap Media provide a wide range of services, such as website design and development, digital strategy, multi-channel digital marketing, and continual audience activation via paid, social, mobile, video, and email marketing. Their team operates a completely open project management approach and takes great delight in providing outstanding customer service. They function as an extension of your own team. 
  • WilsonCooke

The company has evolved into a self-governing, comprehensive agency in the digital era with its proud heritage in strategic brand development. Together with WilsonCooke’s own, very involves owners, and our creative, digital, and programmers, they have successfully achieves this. Every member of the WilsonCooke team contributes their own flare, knowledge, and enthusiasm to every project, whether they are designing stunning websites that increase conversions or masterfully smart, strategic digital marketing. 
  • Creative Navy

Manchester-based UI/UX design agency Creative Navy serves 278 clients from 36 nations. The corporation operates three offices in Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

UI/UX design is Creative Navy’s primary emphasis area. Advocates of evidence-based design make up their team. For mobile, web, and native apps in the public and private domains, Creative Navy specialises in empirical design development. So, although they deal with startups and expanding companies as well, the majority of their clientele are mid-sized companies. Numerous well-known companies, including Jaguar, Philips, Discovery Channel, and Bosch, are among its clients. This is one of the best UI/UX design agencies in Manchester 2024. 
  • Dept

Dept has presence in over 30 sites worldwide and in 5 continents. 3500+ people work for an international full-service UX design agency in Manchester that specialises in UI/UX design, bespoke software development, digital strategy creation, and other areas. As of 2021, Dept. is a climate-neutral business, which means that they are concerned about the state of the environment and work to minimise greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, the company’s main sectors of business include fintech, arts and culture, and agriculture and food. 
  • CTI digital

On our list, this is one of the more established UI/UX design agencies. Established in 2003, CTI Digital has been operating in the industry for more than 19 years. From its humble beginnings as a support agency, the business has expanded to become an enterprise that develops digital strategies and solutions for businesses worldwide. This is one of the best UI/UX design agencies in Manchester 2024. Their services are mostly focused on developing digital strategies and transforming digital environments. So, dealing with charity is a significant portion of their employment. CTI Digital has collaborated with organisations such as War Child UK and Great Ormond Street Hospital, to mention a couple. 
  • Higher ground

Manchester-based Higher Ground is a little UX design agency. This business is a fantastic option for new ventures. In order to commence operations with Higher Ground, you must set up £840 for the project budget. So, the agency emphasises that the core of its services is the user experience. In addition to developing designs for desktop and mobile applications, the design studio can construct websites, conduct user experience audits and testing, and produce wireframes and prototypes. If this service is of interest to small or mid-sized businesses, Higher Ground will be at your disposal.
  • Space 48

This Manchester UX design business may provide you industry-focused abilities that are vital if you construct an ecommerce product. Developing ecommerce has been Space 48’s speciality for over 14 years. Moreover, leading ecommerce platforms, including BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, and others, trust the agency. Their designers create user experiences that are simple to use and captivating by utilising data science technologies. On its official website, the agency states that they have grown by 25% over the past two years. 
  • Pinpoint designs

Do you run a Magento store and are an online retailer? Then you might be interested in this agency. A multi-award-winning digital agency based in Yorkshire, Pinpoint Designs is a part of the IDHL Group. The business assists retailers using Adobe Commerce (Magento) with UI/UX design and development. With over a decade of expertise in developing online commerce, this Manchester-based user experience consultancy has a lengthy history. So, when creating solutions to meet intricate company demands, they employ the integrated approach. Pinpoint Designs provides consistent ecommerce solutions, user testing, and UX audits to assist businesses optimise their stores. So, this is one of the best UI/UX design agencies in Manchester 2024. 
  • Absure

One agency in Manchester that represents UX is called Absurd. This organisation brings together researchers, designers, and software developers. Producing goods that are easy to use and creating engaging user experiences is their primary objective. This is one of the best UI/UX design agencies in Manchester 2024. 

The business creates and develops goods and services for consumers as well as for retail and logistics. So, you may get assistance from the Absurd team in the following areas: wireframing, visual design creation, roadmapping, user testing, and user experience research.

The business adopts the fascinating “absurdism” mentality and works to remove all limitations that affect the product’s worth. Using innovative UI/UX solutions, the team aims to close the gap that exists between businesses and users. 
  • Obodo

Obodo is a digital studio that specialises in developing and designing products. They provide web design solutions, MVP development, product design strategy implementation, and UI/UX design for startups.

The business provides a range of engagement strategies. You have two options for working with Obodo: either employ full-time, committed design experts or work with them on an hourly basis. Obodo mostly works with startups and small enterprises, as seen by the project budget minimum. Compared to other Manchester design businesses, their minimum project budget is far cheaper. 
  • Only

This Manchester-based, multi-award winning UX agency houses both technical and creative specialists. Their 5-step method for branding and design is centred around simplicity, which is also a fundamental aspect of their work philosophy. So, this is one of the best UI/UX design agencies in Manchester 2024. 

In order to create engaging designs and brand strategies, the Only team gathers research data, distils the purpose of the product, and applies these insights. So, they have collaborated with several well-known companies, including Sony Music, H&M, Honda, Aston Martin, and The British Academy. 
  • Equal expert

On the list of the best places to work in the UK, Equal Experts came in at number fifteen. Modern technology is used by this UX design Manchester company to spur creativity and handle challenging commercial assignments. More than 700 experts in data engineering, UX design, and continuous delivery work at Equal Experts. So, they have representatives in India, the US, the UK, and Canada. User experience research and product discovery are the first steps in the UX design process, after which comes UX design and development
  • Gather digital

If you’re searching for data-driven design services, Gather Digital could be a suitable fit for your project. This user experience design agency has extensive expertise creating mobile apps and designing websites. So, they collaborate with Manchester Digital, a local network of digital specialists, and Docker. One of their website’s case studies is a website design and development project for Apopo, a well-known charity. So, gather Digital primarily works in the business services, consumer goods and services, and hotel industries. 
  • Pixel kicks

Pixel kicks aiming to create and construct the most exquisite and effective websites as well as customised digital marketing plans for B2B and B2C companies in a variety of sectors. To provide the greatest outcomes, the company has brought on board the top professionals in the field. Therefore, the Pixel Kicks team uses its vast expertise to create a solid executive plan and implement it from start to finish, from branding and comprehensive UX/UI design to customer assistance for the whole project. So, due to the company’s extensive experience working with well-known international customers, it has won several accolades and recognitions for its vast knowledge.  This is one of the best UI/UX design agencies in Manchester 2024. 
  • Active win media

ActiveWin Media strives to provide a range of digital solutions to its clients and develops investment-returning methods. Every point that ActiveWin makes in their UX consultations is intended to increase conversions. Therefore, they meticulously plan and create each aspect, according to clear criteria and considering how the possible influence may maximise results. Your agency will be more successful online the sooner you invest in UX and CRO services.
  • Tiksom limited

Tiksom Limited has expertise developing unique online and mobile solutions. Big corporations make up 10% of Clutch’s clientele, mid market consumers make up 30%, and small businesses make up 50%. So, the business provides Manchester with full-cycle product development services, which include creating UX. This is one of the best UI/UX design agencies in Manchester 2024.  So, they collect data for prototypes, construct information architecture, analyse competitors, and do market research in order to design a high-quality user experience. So, information technology, financial services, travel, ecommerce, and data processing are the main areas of interest for Tiksom Limited. 
  • Monsterlab

Monstarlab bought Nodes in 2017. Over 2200 projects have been done worldwide by this Manchester-based UX business, which has 33 offices. In the same year, the vendor set up shop in Manchester and began assisting neighbourhood companies with their digital problems. This is one of the best UI/UX design agencies in Manchester 2024. 

Monstarlab makes use of the newest concepts and technologies in design, including Digital Ops and DesignOps. So, as part of their full-cycle development process, they provide UI/UX design services, or they may create a whole new product design. Monstarlab develops consumer utilities and in-house solutions, specialising in mobile apps. So, get professional assistance by getting in touch with their team if your design project is a part of the larger idea.
  • Cube 3

Cube3 has collaborated with renowned companies globally and on a regional level with UK clients since 1999. ANS Group, Bacardi, Absolut, HP, Dell, and Gusto Restaurants are just a few of their well-known B2B and B2C clients.

This Manchester-based UX design agency develops solutions based on a comprehensive analysis of the client lifecycle. So, customer lifetime value, reach, acquisition, user engagement, and user experience research are all included. Cube3’s portfolio showcases three instances of effective brand development: creating a brand for a consumer product, marketing a transportation technology solution, and constructing a brand for shopping.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Good UI/UX design can significantly impact user satisfaction, engagement, and ultimately, the success of a business. It helps in creating positive user experiences, which can lead to higher conversion rates, customer retention, and brand loyalty.

UI/UX design agencies typically offer a range of services including user research, wireframing, prototyping, user testing, visual design, and sometimes even development and ongoing support for digital products.

When choosing a UI/UX design agency, consider factors such as their portfolio, experience in your industry, client testimonials, team expertise, communication style, pricing, and overall approach to design and development.

The cost of hiring a UI/UX design agency can vary widely depending on factors such as project scope, complexity, agency expertise, and location. Some agencies may offer fixed-price packages, while others may charge hourly rates or work on a retainer basis.

UI (User Interface) design focuses on the visual elements of a digital product, such as layout, colors, typography, and interactive elements. UX (User Experience) design, on the other hand, is concerned with the overall experience of the user, including usability, accessibility, and the emotions evoked by using the product.

The duration of a UI/UX design project can vary depending on factors such as project complexity, scope, client feedback and revisions, and the agency's workload. Some projects may take a few weeks, while others may take several months to complete.
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