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Best PHP Frameworks That We Should Consider In 2024

Best PHP Frameworks That We Should Consider In 2024

Best PHP Frameworks That We Should Consider In 2024

PHP is still the most popular server-side programming language for online development, with 78% of websites utilizing it. PHP frameworks offer the fundamental tools and structures needed to create dynamic web applications quickly. While some developers think it’s the greatest technology available for creating a variety of online applications, others think it’s awful, antiquated, and subpar. So, to be aware of all kinds of aspects we need to know the best PHP frameworks that we should consider in 2024.

A vast ecosystem of frameworks is presently available to simplify PHP code development. But first, what is the purpose of adopting a PHP framework? Furthermore, how can you decide which PHP framework is most appropriate for your requirements?

This post will discuss the top PHP frameworks on the market right now and provide you all the information you need to choose the best one for you.

PHP frameworks and Micro-PHP frameworks: what are they?

There is a library called the PHP framework that contains frequently used functions. So, it saves developers time as they don’t have to write the code for these methods from scratch.

Let’s move on to mvc frameworks now. Why is microframework necessary? Are you unable to utilise a full-stack framework?

Full-stack frameworks have expanded their feature sets in recent years to enable the creation of intricate, large-scale websites. Because of this, even a basic website without all the associated costs became too difficult. That’s how micro-frameworks were created. For certain use cases, these microframeworks are condensed versions of full-stack frameworks. To put it simply, picture an SUV for a full-stack PHP framework and a bicycle for a micro-framework. 

A PHP Framework: Why Use It?

PHP code development

Developers should consider PHP’s many advantages over other programming frameworks. For a better understanding of the scenario, let’s look at a few of the factors.
  • It Provides Quicker Development

PHP allows speedier development than other frameworks, which is one of the main arguments in favour of using it. Its built-in libraries and tools ensure that the project is completed in the shortest time, which explains why. For example, the Bake command-line tool comes with the CakePHP framework and makes it easy to quickly build any skeleton code your application needs. Moreover, libraries are included in a number of PHP frameworks to facilitate testing.
  • The community is vast and always willing to lend a hand.

The vast PHP community is always willing to lend a hand. The availability of many development teams that are constantly prepared to respond to inquiries about PHP is the reason behind this. Even better, a developer can save time by downloading and using open-source codes from other individuals as needed.
  • The MVC assistance

While developing, there are several advantages of utilising PHP frameworks. The MVC architecture is one such important benefit. PHP frameworks leverage MVC, a contemporary web development methodology, to accelerate and simplify the development process. Model, View, and Controller, or MVC for short, is an architectural pattern that offers a solid and reliable framework for development. It divides the business logic from the display layer. A controller, which keeps the View and Model levels in communication, connects the two layers.
  • Automate the process of developing websites.

When developing a website, developers need to do more than just write code. To get the intended results, many of these activities need more time and effort. These extra activities are much harder and more time-consuming when using core PHP. 

Development time is less while using a PHP framework since these tools automate several activities. Common activities like authentication, session management, caching, and URL mapping may be automated by a PHP developer with the help of a framework. Because of all this automation, development times are sped up and developers can deliver projects on schedule.
  • Excellent Open-Source Libraries Are Provided.

Some of the top open-source libraries for PHP are includes and these libraries have excellent documentation and strong functionality for ease of use. For instance, Laravel features built-in, industry-exclusive payment processing frameworks. Apps that ought to have these functionalities find it helpful in managing payments.
  • Code that is Consistent and Well-Ordered

Frameworks promote a coding style that is consistent by providing standard conventions and procedures. Therefore, this guarantees consistency throughout projects and facilitates comprehension and cooperation on a particular project by other developers.
  • Enhanced Security

Protecting web applications against common cyberattacks is one of the main goals of a well-known PHP framework. Strong defenses are provided by built-in features including input filtering, output escaping, and defenses against CSRF and SQL injection attacks. 
  • Both scalability and performance

The efficiency and scalability of the PHP web development framework you choose for your project are very important factors. The framework’s ability to increase performance has a direct influence on user experience and application efficiency. So, choose frameworks that offer code execution, fast database queries, and caching as performance optimisation features.
  • Maintenance and Long-Term

Support Choose a PHP framework that provides ongoing community or PHP development services provider team support, as well as frequent upgrades and active maintenance. Security updates and bug fixes will benefit from this. So, it will also maintain the security and updates of your application. If you prioritise security, long-term support, and maintenance, your web application will have a solid base and be able to function on its own.

Top PHP Frameworks for 2024 to Utilise

  • Laravel

Laravel developers in UK

One of the greatest PHP frameworks is Laravel, which is marketed as a framework for web artisans. Laravel developers in UK may easily construct stunning apps because this framework takes care of much of the work for them. AWS Lambda powers serverless deployment, which enables businesses to easily grow on demand. So, for their online applications, well-known companies like Bankrate, The New York Times, Disney, and Twitch utilise Laravel.

Important Laravel Feature

    • Session-based authentication with minimal effort
    • With Redis, Amazon SQS, and mysql, the process queue system facilitates the background execution of operations such as email sending.
    • Dependable and easy browser testing process
    • Well-known for its sophisticated syntax and expressive APIs.
  • CodeIgniter

This PHP web application framework is available for free. Dynamic websites are created with CodeIgniter. The framework, which is the most accessible PHP framework, is designed to be lightweight, simple to use, and requires little installation work. Its target audience is programmers who need a simple yet powerful toolkit to create fully working web applications. DigitilizeWeb, a pioneer in this field, can assist you with CodeIgniter web development services.

Important CodeIgniter Features

    • The framework makes it simple and intuitive for developers to get started immediately.
    • Multiple caching is a feature that makes deployment faster.
    • It has a large library of “helper” functions available.
  • Cake PHP

This PHP framework is open-source and free. One of the most well-liked PHP frameworks for rapid application development (RAD) is this one. It saves time for developers by enabling them to construct apps rapidly. Even without any prior development knowledge, non-developers may utilise the framework because it is made for them. It has produced a vast array of extensions that assist with many automated activities, saving developers’ work. DigitilizeWeb, a top-tier Cake PHP Development agency, can assist you with this framework.

Important Cake PHP Features

    • Using the framework to provide uniformity among the many components of your application will result in better code quality.
    • The rapid application development (RAD) features of the framework significantly accelerate the development process.
    • The framework provides developers with simple and adaptable setup choices so they may create the apps they want.
    • It comes with many apps to get your new application going quickly.
  • Symfony

Symfony framework

The PHP framework Symfony is incredibly adaptable and configurable, making it ideal for creating expansive online applications. So, its modularity, which enables developers to utilise Symfony components independently in their applications, is one of its distinguishing features. In addition to adhering to design principles and best practices, Symfony is a reliable option for stable and manageable code.  So, the ecosystem of Symfony, which comprises a vast array of community-contributed bundles and Symfony Flex for managing applications, demonstrates Symfony’s adaptability. 

Important Symfony Features

    • The best framework for creating extensive business apps is Symfony. It is easy to set up and configure on most platforms.
    • These are components of PHP that are reusable. It can be combined with other vendor libraries and is trustworthy, independent of database engines, and adheres to the majority of online best practices and design standards.
    • It provides a versatile and strong debugging toolbar that shows all the data required to simplify troubleshooting.
    • Since there is no need to spend time or effort establishing an automated deployment solution or performing manual deployment, Symfony deployment is a breeze. 
  • PHP-Pixie

A highly optimised full-stack PHP framework for creating fast web apps is called PHPixie. Like FuelPHP, it is constructed of separate components and provides a Hierarchical Model-View-Controller (HMVC). Additionally, the framework has a vibrant community that regularly adds to its many enhancements. 

Important PHP-Pixie Features

  • Look no further if you’re looking for a framework that’s easy to understand and use.
  • That works with the upgraded HMVC architecture.
  • The route plan is quite amazing.
  • A lightweight framework that supports MongoDB.
It might be intimidating to navigate the wide variety of the best PHP frameworks that we should consider in 2024, but with the appropriate information, you can choose the one that best suits the needs of your project. So, recall that a framework’s effectiveness depends not just on its built-in features but also on how well it works with other services and tools.

We have explaining here all the best PHP frameworks that we should consider in 2024 and why you should use them in this blog post. Moreover, the things you should be aware of before selecting a PHP framework. Here’s where DigitilizeWeb comes into play. We offer an excellent team who are experts in these domains and help you with your PHP framework to improve the speed, security, and user experience of your application. Contact us to hire a developer today! For more follow us on LinkedIn.

Frequently Asked Questions

The quickest PHP framework for web development is called CodeIgniter. For data-driven web applications, CodeIgniter is also the most effective PHP framework. Instead of writing raw SQL, CodeIgniter can generate, insert, update, and delete coding statements.

In essence, WordPress is a PHP framework. The reason for this is that WordPress provides a range of APIs around which you may construct your programme.

While technically possible, it's generally not recommended to use multiple PHP frameworks within the same project, as it can lead to code complexity, maintenance challenges, and potential conflicts between different frameworks. Instead, developers should strive to choose the most suitable framework for the project's requirements and stick with it consistently.

The choice of PHP framework can significantly impact a project's scalability. Frameworks like Laravel and Symfony are known for their scalability features, such as support for caching, database optimization, and horizontal scaling. By contrast, using a framework ill-suited for scalability could result in performance bottlenecks and hinder the project's ability to handle increasing user loads.

Key considerations when migrating between PHP frameworks include evaluating compatibility between the old and new frameworks, assessing the impact on existing codebase and database schema, planning for data migration, and ensuring adequate testing to address any potential issues or regressions.

Yes, there are several PHP frameworks tailored for API development, including Lumen (a micro-framework by Laravel), Symfony API Platform, and Slim Framework. These frameworks provide features such as routing, request/response handling, serialization, authentication, and validation, making them ideal choices for building robust and efficient APIs.
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