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Best 25 Marketing Automation Tools to Use in 2024

Best 25 Marketing Automation Tools to Use in 2024

Marketing automation is revolutionary for businesses looking to maximise their marketing strategy and spur development. To remain competitive in the fast-paced business environment of today, companies need to stay ahead of the curve. So, we have discussed the best 25 marketing automation tools to use in 2024.

Given that marketing automation technologies assist the optimisation of marketing workflows and increase overall efficiency, their incorporation into modern business strategy has become crucial. With the right tools, businesses can optimise their results, automate time-consuming processes, and tailor their campaigns.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the best 25 marketing automation systems to help businesses advance their marketing. Before moving on to our best picks, let’s make sure we know exactly what marketing automation software, also known as marketing automation tools, actually is. 

What are these marketing automation tools?

The use of technology to automate different marketing tasks, such as social media marketing, email marketing, advertising campaigns, monitoring, and more, is known as marketing automation.

Software for marketing automation is a technology that helps companies automate their marketing processes in order to boost revenue, draw in new clients, and enhance marketing efficacy.

Due to their high price, large enterprises are the primary users of all-in-one software, which provides a full-service package. Others provide automation for certain tasks including lead scoring, drip sequences, email actions, social media posting, SMS, and sales lead rotation. By using marketing job automation solutions, you can increase the productivity of your company and free up more time for important initiatives. For example, marketing automation may collect useful information to increase conversion rates and personalise efforts.

A comprehensive collection of marketing automation tools

Generally speaking, businesses that truly require an all-in-one marketing automation platform have already identified a few effective marketing channels, regardless of the specific channels that they are. Thus, it implies:
  • You’ve had success with more than one or two channels.
  • You’ve already made financial investments to expand your marketing business.
  • Your group must either expand the channels that are already effective or explore new opportunities.
These marketing automation solutions can manage everything if your team is anything like that. All-in-one automation technologies may help you add scalability and automate every part of your marketing operation, from lead nurturing to ad purchasing to email automation. 
  • Omnisender

Omnisend is arguably the most complete tool available. The omnichannel capabilities of this marketing automation platform makes it stand out from the others on our list. You can include many channels—such as Facebook Messenger, SMS, email, and push notifications—in the same automation workflow. This implies that you may design an engaging omnichannel experience for your clients that delivers the message to them on the channel of their choice automatically. Omnisend is a marketing automation platform that’s worth looking into because of its split automation feature, sophisticated targeting, and simple drag-and-drop builder. 
  • Pardot

Another marketing automation platform that caters to B2B marketers’ demands is Marketing Cloud Account Engagement powered by Pardot. It offers support for account-based marketing solutions and B2B analytics. This is one of the best tools out of best 25 marketing automation tools to use in 2024. Thanks to the Salesforce relationship, Pardot is now a part of a powerful product suite that helps marketing and sales teams collaborate more successfully. 
  • Moosend

Best 25 Marketing Automation Tools to Use in 2024

One of the greatest all-in-one tools for marketing automation is Moosend, which has capabilities to help you increase lead creation and automate tasks. How? As one of the greatest all-in-one marketing tools available, the service has an extensive workflow builder, pre-made email newsletter templates, landing pages, and forms. The platform gives you the resources you need to grow your list and target your audience more effectively by segmenting your audience, fostering your audience through email marketing campaigns, and monitoring key performance indicators to gauge your progress. Moreover, the platform’s customisation features enable you to automatically distribute material that is customised to each subscriber’s unique requirements. 
  • Marketo engage

Marketo is a marketing automation tool designed to streamline the customer journey and enhance the customer experience across all touchpoints. Behavioural monitoring and robust analytics are two ways the service helps you target your audience to do that.

Additionally, the tool uses AI optimisation to produce experiences that are customised for every consumer with its sophisticated content personalisation features. With the use of clever methods, you may scale your lead scoring models with the help of this marketing automation software. It gives you access to a customer data environment where engagement history and integrated profiles are used to segment your target audience. This is one of the best tools out of best 25 marketing automation tools to use in 2024.  You may interact with your consumers on their preferred channel by using Marketo’s cross-channel interaction function, which is useful if you’re interested in creating an omnichannel or multichannel marketing strategy.
  • Active champaign

It’s not the easiest programme for beginners to use to get started with ActiveCampaign. But for someone who has experience with automation tools, its possibilities are perfect. If/then/else logic-based personalisation options are among ActiveCampaign’s capabilities. This is one of the best tools out of best 25 marketing automation tools to use in 2024.  In this manner, you may effortlessly alter your content to generate email messages that are more impactful for your recipients.

Additionally, the automation builder offered by ActiveCampaign is user-friendly, enabling you to develop and automate follow-up email messages with various circumstances. The app has possibilities for tracking sporting events as well. In this manner, you may oversee online events and improve your webinar marketing without having to get hands-on involved in every detail. 
  • Brevo

Brevo is a solution that combines the effectiveness of SMS and email marketing. The automation workflow builder offers both basic and sophisticated functions, and it is straightforward to use. Based on behavioural data, such as email engagement or website activity, users may design triggered drip programmes. This is one of the best tools out of best 25 marketing automation tools to use in 2024. By doing this, you may send the appropriate message to the proper audience. Additionally, you can test your flows before they go live by using the test workflows tool.

The segmentation and personalisation capabilities offered by the marketing automation software are another noteworthy aspect. With the tool, you may, for instance, display your audience material that is tailored to them depending on predetermined parameters like gender or degree of interaction. Brevo is an automation service that is relatively simple to use overall, although it is lacking in terms of integration. 
  • Keap

Best 25 Marketing Automation Tools to Use in 2024

Keap, the software for marketing automation that was once known as Infusionsoft, positions itself as an enterprise and small company solution. Additionally well-known for enabling the creation of successful marketing campaigns is the tool’s combination of automation and CRM.

To be more precise, Keap has merged marketing and sales to provide you with a comprehensive solution that can optimise your business processes. This is one of the best tools out of best 25 marketing automation tools to use in 2024.  Although it works well for small organisations, larger companies could find it less suitable. Moreover, you may design automation processes that will streamline your operations using the automation builder’s great flexibility. Although Keap has a somewhat high learning curve, it is often a decent solution for SMEs. 
  • Breadcrumbs

Using a platform called Breadcrumbs, you may rank leads according to their likelihood of converting and identify and qualify them. You may use the tool to construct native A/B testable models for Acquisition, Up-sell/Cross-sell, Retention, and Adoption.

With the use of factors like decay rate, scoring interval, frequency, and recency, this advanced tool also allows you to construct dynamic scores that show when demand is there. In addition, you receive a user-friendly interface (UI) that doesn’t require any technical knowledge, and you may use account and contact data to combine them into a single score assessment. This is one of the best tools out of best 25 marketing automation tools to use in 2024.  All things considered, Breadcrumbs is a platform that streamlines the challenging and complex lead scoring process for everyone. 
  • Act-On

Act-On is a marketing automation platform that provides a full range of features, such as social media management, email marketing, lead management, and more. With the solution, marketers may leverage B2B demand creation to grow their company and receive significant assistance with inbound marketing automation. This is one of the best tools out of best 25 marketing automation tools to use in 2024.  By automating purchasing trips and customising messages and campaigns, this marketing automation system enables marketers to generate amazing brand experiences and optimise the whole customer journey. 
  • Buffer

Plan and cooperate with ease using Buffer, a well-known social media management application. They provide fantastic material and offer you deep insights to build your business on social media.

Teams may operate more productively and generate more meaningful engagement and outcomes on social media using the software’s range of products for publishing, interaction, analytics, and team collaboration. This is one of the best tools out of best 25 marketing automation tools to use in 2024. All in all, Buffer is a fantastic tool designed with small businesses in mind, giving them the ability to develop their brands and encourage real participation on social media networks. 
  • SimilarWeb

One of the greatest tools for marketing automation is SimilarWeb, which evaluates the volume of traffic that different websites receive. It gives a summary of the primary traffic sources of a rival, divided into six major categories such search terms, social media, and referring websites.

Even if SimilarWeb is not perfect, you can still use it to identify the main players and their sizes as well as the traffic sources used by competitors. This is one of the best tools out of best 25 marketing automation tools to use in 2024.  More specific information is also available, including the most well-liked referral sources in your sector, audience data, device distribution, traffic share on social media, and much more! 
  • Hootsuite

One of the well-known options for SMBs and big businesses in the social media management space is Hootsuite. Organisations may work together to manage campaigns, handle paid and organic social media content. Also monitor consumer discussions, and obtain insightful data from social media platforms with the use of this software. 

In order to maximise audience engagement, the application also enables content to be automatically scheduled to appear at optimal intervals. Additionally, you receive comprehensive data to better target your subscribers and comprehend their demands. This is one of the best tools out of best 25 marketing automation tools to use in 2024.  
  • Social pilot

With features including calendar management, scheduling, branding, and reporting, SocialPilot is a social media marketing and analytics platform. In addition to allowing mass scheduling, the programme lets users browse postings by accounts and groups and apply filters to their calendars.

Furthermore, the platform’s capacity to track crucial indicators for social media campaign effectiveness is what really makes it stand out. These analytics include tracking competitors, influencers, and audience growth as well as content engagement. All things considered, SocialPilot is an excellent and reasonably priced solution that may expedite the growth of any business and streamline social media marketing activities. 
  • Statusbrew

Over 500 marketing organisations worldwide utilise Statusbrew, a social media automation tool. Sentiment analysis, automatic comment moderation, teamwork, and an integrated CRM to monitor every social media engagement are some of the services it offers.  This is one of the best tools out of best 25 marketing automation tools to use in 2024. You can automate social media publication and engagement, optimise workflows, and make well-informed choices using Statusbrew’s templated, customised reports.

Via establishing connections with YouTube, GMB, Playstore, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. An interactive, personalised dashboard with a shareable live link for simple teamwork will provide you with insightful information. You can quickly weed out irrelevant comments from social media marketing campaigns that don’t improve your brand’s return on investment. 
  • Eloqua

Eloqua distinguishes itself by integrating with almost all of the other tools in your marketing arsenal; it is now a component of the Oracle tool suite. With more than 700 connectors, Eloqua can personalise and simplify each stage of your marketing process. It’s also one of the rare all-in-one platforms that specifically targets B2B businesses and marketers. 
  • Yoast

Yoast optimises your website’s content and keywords for both search engines and users. That raises your website’s ranking on search engine results pages. It is compatible with both WordPress’s Classic Editor and Gutenberg. Yoast assesses the readability of your page together with other metrics and gives you feedback in the form of suggestions to help you improve your SEO. With the Yoast plugins, learning SEO is simple to begin with. This is one of the best tools out of best 25 marketing automation tools to use in 2024.  The free edition of the Yoast SEO plugin gives you access to the most important SaaS SEO tools. Its premium edition offers an abundance of useful features as well as strong internal connection tools. 
  • SaveMyLeads

Best 25 Marketing Automation Tools to Use in 2024

Without the need for programmers, you can integrate Facebook with a number of email marketing firms with the SaveMyLeads service. With the help of this straightforward interface and no-code solution, you can quickly set up the transfer of fresh leads from Facebook to different platforms. Users of SaveMyLeads have access to a large selection of pre-made customisation templates for various platforms. Utilising SaveMyLeads is quite simple. It does not require any specialised knowledge or abilities. Processes at work may be rapidly automated by anyone to boost productivity. 
  • Intercom

Chatting with consumers at their convenience and that of your team is made possible with Intercom, one of the top digital marketing tools. This is one of the best tools out of best 25 marketing automation tools to use in 2024.  In a matter of minutes, you can have it up and running. Chat history is always saved by the intercom. Customers may therefore return to the conversations anytime they’d like. 
  • Optimizely

One digital marketing tool for creating and executing A/B testing on websites is Optimizely. Using this website optimisation tool, you may compare the modifications you make to the present design of your webpage. To see which has a greater effect on generating leads, clicks, engagement, conversions, registrations, etc. It is possible to test two different versions of your website at the same time. Choose which one best satisfies your goals, and proceed accordingly. 
  • Lefty

Lefty drives B2C marketing automation with its sophisticated features and efficient workflows. For focused influencer finding, it makes use of sophisticated filters that include historical facts. Then, using a centralised dashboard with real-time insights on other company data, it streamlines influencer relationship management. For lifestyle firms looking to expand on Instagram and other social media platforms, Lefty is a full-featured influencer marketing platform. It provides automated campaign reporting, competitive benchmarking, performance assessment, and influencer programme management. 
  • Klaviyo

A platform for email marketing automation called Klaviyo was created to support the expansion of e-commerce companies. Businesses may generate customised, behavior-triggered email campaigns with Klaviyo thanks to its robust segmentation features and pre-built automation templates. Businesses may gain important insights about client behaviour, past purchases, and recommended products thanks to its tight integration with e-commerce platforms.

You may develop hyper-personalized communications for use across several channels, including email, SMS, and push notifications, with precise and trustworthy consumer data. You may target clients using its sophisticated segmentation features according to their location, behaviour, anticipated lifetime value, profile details, and other factors. 
  • Slack

With Slack, your remote workforce can collaborate effectively and efficiently in a digital headquarters. You may discuss the specifics of your projects in a flexible real-time collaboration. Additionally, you may share files, search messages, and deal with well-organized areas called channels. Sending follow-up emails or texts to clients or team members to invite them to a meeting is a time-consuming process. To successfully schedule meetings, make an investment in online service digital marketing solutions
  • Asana

One of the greatest digital marketing advertising agencies for collaborative project management is Asana. Strong teamwork is provided via group and team communication, file sharing of Google Docs, PDFs, JPGs, and other formats. Because of its simplicity and ease of use, it performs better than other comparable applications. In just a few minutes, you can start and onboard your team with the aid of this feature-rich platform. Asana is the most feature-rich free plan when it comes to project management software. 
  • Chatra

With live chat assistance, Chatra offers a quick and affordable option to communicate with website visitors or clients. You can assist clients in making purchases, address their queries, allay their worries, and solve issues. By using this live chat software on your website, you may allow potential clients to message you when you’re offline or to contact you in real time. Through a multichannel dashboard, you can oversee those communications and keep an eye on your website visitors’ surfing habits in real time. It will enable you to welcome them with a customised greeting. 
  • Leadpages

Best 25 Marketing Automation Tools to Use in 2024

One of the greatest digital marketing tools for marketers and business owners looking to generate leads is Leadpages. Make captivating landing pages and websites from scratch that inspire visitors to act. With material that is optimised for conversions, you may generate quality leads and provide quick file delivery to your target audience by giving them digital freebies. Use Leadpages to create sales pages with a high conversion rate and an integrated checkout process to market your goods and services. You may conduct as many split tests as necessary to amplify your results, and you can follow your performance in real-time. 

How to choose the best automation tools in 2024?

Not every organisation can benefit from every marketing automation solution. There is a wide variety of software available on the market, and selecting the best option requires knowing your company’s demands. It is not advised to immediately transition to complete automation. Some businesses overinvest in a complete solution when social media automation suffices. Select the automated marketing software that best suits your use case after determining which aspects of your company require extra assistance. 
  • Think About Your Business Needs and Budget

Think about cost against capacity when assessing your alternatives for marketing automation. A more straightforward system can be sufficient to fulfil all of your demands if your company is smaller or if you concentrate only on one task (like email). Larger companies can discover that, over time, it is more economical to invest in a more complete marketing automation solution. Select a provider who can both meet your evolving demands and stay inside your budget, as effective growth requires optimising processes. 
  • Check the usability of various software programmes

Best 25 Marketing Automation Tools to Use in 2024

You should think about how easy it is to use the tool’s UI and whether it is generally straightforward to navigate when choosing the best software for your company. It will be your daily tool, after all, and if your business expands, you might want other team members to have access to it as well. The fact that your software vendor offers tutorials, a robust knowledge base, and quick response customer service can also be advantageous. 
  • Consider the reporting choices you’ll need to gauge your progress.

In the hopes of success, no one should start an advertising campaign and leave it unmonitored. Think about the data you need to gather and measure when choosing marketing automation software, and make sure the programme you choose can do that.

Smaller companies could get by with simple analytics and reporting tools. Personalised dashboards and other complex tracking tools can be required by larger businesses, though. You now understand how to select the best marketing tool for your company. Let’s examine marketing automation tools in more detail. See the following chapter for specific tool benefits and drawbacks.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

B2C marketing automation comes with a host of benefits, such as improved customer interaction, higher conversion rates, automated time savings, more personalisation, better targeting and segmentation, and data-driven decision making.

Improved client interaction, higher conversion rates, time savings through automation, improved personalisation, better targeting and segmentation, and data-driven decision-making are just a few advantages of B2C marketing automation.

No, companies of all sizes can use marketing automation solutions. Scalable solutions are provided by several tools to fulfil the requirements of small, medium, and big businesses.

Lead scoring is a method of assigning values to leads based on their behavior, engagement, and demographics. It helps prioritize leads for sales teams.

Consider your specific needs, budget, scalability, integration capabilities, and user-friendliness when selecting a marketing automation tool.

A/B testing involves comparing two versions of a webpage, email, or other marketing asset to determine which performs better. Marketing automation tools often support A/B testing to optimize campaigns.

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