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20 Best WooCommerce Plugins to Boost Your Online Store‍ in 2024

20 Best WooCommerce Plugins to Boost Your Online Store‍ in 2024

Do you want to increase sales and improve the functioning of your WooCommerce store? There’s nowhere else to look! We’ll examine the 20 Best WooCommerce Plugins to Boost Your Online Store‍ in 2024 in this extensive guide.

These plugins cover a wide range of topics, including checkout solutions, inventory management, site development, and marketing. You may elevate your store and provide your consumers with a remarkable buying experience with these plugins. So, let’s explore each of these plugins now and see how your WooCommerce store might profit from them.  

20 Best WooCommerce Plugins to Boost Your Online Store‍ in 2024

20 Best WooCommerce Plugins to Boost Your Online Store‍ in 2024


An array of capabilities is available for your WooCommerce store with OptinMonster, a lead-generating plugin. With OptinMonster, you can use targeted popups to increase sales, recover abandoned carts, and increase the number of email subscribers you have. It is user-friendly even for beginners thanks to its drag-and-drop constructor. So, you can show the correct message to the right people at the right time with the help of the campaign triggers. It also works with all of the main email marketing services. 

With OptinMonster, you can reduce cart abandonment by displaying customised messages to your consumers right before they leave your website. It provides sophisticated traffic redirection, sending users to the sites, goods, or checkout areas that are most popular with you. 

The greatest WooCommerce plugin for monitoring sales and customer behaviour in your business is  ExactMetrics. It makes it possible to link Google Analytics to your online business without knowing any code. Additionally, ExactMetrics automatically measures sales, income, conversions, and other important data with its eCommerce plugin.

You may learn more about the things your customers prefer, where they are coming from, and how they act in your business. ExactMetrics also assists you in identifying the barriers to product purchases and streamlining your sales funnel. 

For building forms for your WooCommerce store, WPForms is an incredible tool. With only a few clicks, this plugin facilitates the creation of contact, email subscriptions, orders, and payment forms. It has a very user-friendly drag-and-drop form builder. You may select the best design for your company from the pre-built form template collection. After that, you may add custom form fields to make it your own. You may collect payments with WPForms via a variety of channels, including Stripe and PayPal. So, you may use this to build up order forms and receive payment right away. 

The greatest plugin for creating stunning landing pages and full WordPress themes are SeedProd. For all of your page-building requirements, SeedProd offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface along with a multitude of pre-made themes. With SeedProd’s pre-built templates, you can create any page design from scratch. Because of its connectivity with WooCommerce, you may increase conversions by creating beautiful product or sales pages. Assuring that your store appears fantastic on all devices, SeedProd’s pages are mobile-responsive. It comes with WooCommerce blocks that let you add product grids, checkout buttons, top-selling items, and more. 

This WordPress plugin makes it simple to send packing slips and invoices to your clients: WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips. Additionally, it makes it simple for clients to download and store their bills on their devices from the account section. Furthermore, you may create invoices using a variety of editable templates. Plus, this WooCommerce plugin lets you download bulk invoices with just a single click. 

A strong plugin that displays notifications of client activities in real time is TrustPulse. consumers will notice sincere acts from other consumers when they visit your online business. By showing others how to buy your goods or services, you may take advantage of “FOMO.” With the help of TrustPulse’s Smart Targeting function, you can customise your messages for individual visitors based on their source, behaviour, and demographics. 

For online retailers, Omnisend is a feature-rich marketing solution. From gathering consumer contact information to sophisticated segmentation and marketing automation, it takes care of all your communications needs for customers. You may extend your communication with push notifications and worldwide SMS by using this platform. If you want to use WooCommerce omnichannel marketing, this plugin is also excellent. Hence, Omnisend offers free text messages, push alerts, and email—all of which are your most important communication channels. 

The WP Mail SMTP plugin helps facilitate effective communication, which is essential for an internet business to succeed. Email delivery is enhanced with this WordPress SMTP plugin, ensuring that business emails arrive in the inbox rather than the spam folder. 

You may utilise a number of SMTP providers, like Sendinblue, Mailgun, SendGrid, Amazon SES, and more, with WordPress Mail SMTP. Every email that is sent from your WordPress website will be tracked by its email log. So, you may enhance your email marketing approach by seeing open and click-through rates. 

Creating interesting prizes and contests is made easier with RafflePress, a potent WooCommerce plugin. Beginner-friendly, it has a drag-and-drop constructor. Numerous capabilities are available with the plugin, including conversion monitoring and viral sharing. A giveaway landing page, another feature of RafflePress, is a distraction-free mode that improves user engagement and conversion rates. 

When it comes to site maintenance, Duplicator is a backup and migration plugin that makes things easier for you. This strong plugin makes moving a website from one place to another easier. It may also be used as a basic backup tool. Duplicator makes it simple to back up your WooCommerce store. To automate this process, schedule backups or create a manual backup first. Duplicator allows for auto backups on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It could be necessary to switch to a better web server when your online store expands. Duplicator can assist you in moving your complete website to the new hosting server when this occurs. Just make a complete backup, drop your backup into Duplicator after it’s installed on the new host. 

If your company asks clients to make appointments, WooCommerce Bookings is an excellent WordPress plugin to have. It frees you from the tedious physical labour of making appointments via texts, emails, or phone calls. This procedure is automated using WooCommerce Bookings, which lets users schedule appointments, bookings, or rentals independently. Therefore, they configuring the parameters, you may specify the fixed time slots and then leave the rest to the plugin. 

The directory’s top-rated WooCommerce plugin for WordPress is Wholesale Suite. Offering wholesale prices to purchasers in large quantities is ideal for businesses using the business-to-business (B2B) selling model. For their B2B clients, users can establish the Wholesale Customer user role. So, show them the wholesale costs for your items and their variations while hiding the retail price. 

You may encourage your devoted consumers to recommend your items to others by setting up an affiliate programme. This increases revenue and draws more customers to your shop. Thankfully, AffiliateWP makes it simple to start up your own affiliate programme. 

With a comprehensive affiliate management system, AffiliateWP is flawlessly developed. Managing and onboarding new affiliates is simple. You will be able to track referral links in real time and check affiliate reports.  In fact, AffiliateWP might be helpful if your marketing budget is limited. Its commission system is strong and offers both flat-rate and percentage referrals. You may provide various rewards for various activities, such as signups, leads, and sales. 

Lebesgue is a must if you want to enhance your WooCommerce store’s overall marketing as well as your advertisements on Facebook, TikTok, and Google. It assists eCommerce companies in making more informed marketing decisions by examining all the pertinent data and contrasting it with industry norms. So, Lebesgue provides you with tailored guidance on enhancing your WooCommerce marketing and sales. So, it performs tasks like evaluating the quality of your account, letting you know what your rivals are doing with their advertisements, and even utilising AI to assist you in producing better ad material. It provides you with advice on how to modify your marketing approach and keeps you informed about market developments. 

You may make gift cards on your WooCommerce store with our WooCommerce gift cards plugin. Gift cards may be purchased, redeemed, and sent by consumers directly from your business. With the plugin, you can make gift cards for various occasions using more than twenty free themes. For the gift cards, you have the option to upload original photos or let your clients contribute their own. So, you may provide real gift cards for sale in your business thanks to this plugin. The real card may be printed and sent to the recipients. So, you may also manage your customers’ store credit balances using this plugin.

With Klaviyo’s powerful customer platform, you can create enduring connections on a broad scale and get control over the consumer data pertaining to your online business. Personalised email and SMS communications may be automated thanks to its smooth interface with your tech stack, which offers a full picture of consumer interactions. This facilitates company growth on your terms by enabling you to interact with clients as though you knew them personally.

You may create effective referral programmes on your website with the help of ReferralCandy, a potent WooCommerce plugin. It is one of the best WooCommerce plugins because of these, which help draw in new clients and keep existing ones. Referral programmes are simple to set up and administer, encouraging customers to recommend friends and family.

Offer incentives and awards that are both alluring to the referrers and the people they have recommended. So, customise referral programmes to appeal to particular client demographics and reflect your brand. 

Easily create high-converting opt-ins, checkouts, order bumps, one-click upsells, and thank-you pages with Funnel Builder, the most potent sales funnel building plugin from FunnelKit.

The ability to deeply integrate it with well-known page builders like Divi, Elementor, Oxygen, Gutenberg, and others facilitates designing these pages in whatever way you like.  You receive more than fifty pre-made templates for lead generation and sales funnels. Additionally, these templates are optimised for all kinds of devices and can be simply customised to match your brand. 

The greatest plugin for creating a site-wide subscription is WooCommerce Memberships. On your WooCommerce store, you may provide members with access to special content. You may provide your users with a range of membership choices, and it’s simple to use. For instance, you may provide free recipes to customers who purchase kitchen tools from your business as a perk of membership. The plugin has a tonne of customisable options as well; you may display various benefits for various membership tiers. Therefore, this plugin is thus essential if you wish to convert your ecommerce business into a membership website. 

One of the greatest WooCommerce plugins for your shop is WooCommerce Discount Rules. You may increase sales on your website by creating and adding various discounts using this plugin. To establish several discounts, the plugin provides a number of choices. You may set up a percentage-based discount, a worldwide discount that applies to the entire website, discounts for particular product categories, and more. Additional capabilities include the option to set dynamic pricing for your WooCommerce site, show sales badges on product pages, warn customers when they apply a discount in the basket and display a discount table on pricing pages.

Your WooCommerce sales can quickly soar if you use any of these plugins or extensions. As an added advantage, you may maximise your performance by combining multiple tools. So, our post on the top WooCommerce plugins to increase sales is something we hope you enjoyed.  You can also read more about how to woocommerce development agency in UK help you to build your store. 

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