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17 Hidden Features of Ios 17 That You Should Know

In September of last year, Apple formally released iOS 17 following many months of intense beta testing. Claimed to be the biggest update ever, the most recent version of iOS has an abundance of noteworthy improvements. For precisely this reason, we’ve delved into the specifics to find the top 17 hidden Features of iOS 17 that you should know exploring further!

In terms of customisation, security, and stability, iOS 17 appears to have addressed every aspect. Moreover, the new operating system contains several clever changes that will have a significant impact on the way users interact with it.

17 Hidden Features of Ios 17 That You Should Know

Top 17 features of Ios 17 That you should Know

  • Auto-delete codes

Upon trying to get into your several accounts, verification codes might rapidly clog up your email and text messages. Yes, it is possible to manually remove every code, however it would take too much time. There is now a feature in iOS 17 that, once you input your verification codes, instantly deletes them.
  • Use offline Apple maps

It’s annoying to experience cellular service loss when using Apple Maps for navigating. However, since iOS 17 has made it possible to download maps for offline use, you won’t have to deal with that. Open Apple Maps, press on your profile icon, choose Offline Maps, then Download New Map to download a region for offline use. As an alternative, you can click the button that appears next to a recommended map.

A popup to locate the city or region you want to download will appear after selecting Download New Map. Click Download once you’ve adjusted the area’s borders on the map. The map, which includes ratings for nearby businesses and traffic estimates, will be downloaded in the background for offline use.
  • Interactive iPhone widgets

It has always been possible to add a widget to the home screen of your iPhone, but until recently, the widget functioned just as a shortcut to its associated app. With iOS 17, developers that have upgraded their apps for iOS 17 and Apple’s apps now have interactive widgets. If you use the Reminders widget, you can play music without opening the Music app and cross an item off your to-do list without opening Reminders.

On iOS 17, give widgets another go rather than seeing them as a means to see and ignore information. These days, you can accomplish a remarkable amount of tasks without ever opening an app.
  • Seamless song playback in Apple Music

Apple Music has a smooth cross-fade function between tracks in iOS 17. This ensures a seamless listening experience by removing abrupt changes. DJing or continuous playback are its specialties. It smoothly combines tracks during transitions to improve the flow and listening experience, especially with aux connections.
  • Identify laundry codes with Visual Look Up

The Photos app’s Visual Lookup function from Apple is becoming increasingly helpful. Visual Lookup can identify objects in images and, as of late, videos and may provide you additional information or assist you in searching for it. Investigating a particular flower or plant that is in your photo, for example.

Take a photo of anything, like the laundry tag on your best garment, to utilise it. After that, open the photo in the Photos app. Using the laundry tag as an example, you should see a tiny washing machine symbol at the bottom of your iPhone’s screen; click on it. Next, select Laundry. Check out the many symbols that came up throughout the search in the image.
  • Decipher car dashboard lights

Not only may Visual Look Up be used to find laundry codes. Additionally, it is capable of analysing any potential warning lights on your car’s dashboard. Just snap a picture and see what Visual Look Up says about your warning lights, once again. Perhaps the brakes need to be checked. 
  • Listen to articles

Podcasts have become more and more popular over the past ten years, and for good reason. You can listen to podcasts anywhere, even while driving, and they’re simple to understand. You’ll undoubtedly love a new feature in iOS 17 if you’re a podcast lover. You can ask Siri to read news articles, educational websites, or anything else in Safari aloud. There’s no need to read.
  • New Siri features in iOS 17

With iOS 17, Siri received a minor facelift that includes two new capabilities that will undoubtedly alter your interactions with the personal voice assistant.

To begin with, you no longer have to say “Hey, Siri” to activate her. All you have to say is “Siri.” Additionally, you may make consecutive queries to Siri. Saying something like “Siri, play my gym playlist and give me directions to the gym” is one example of what you could say.
  • Recover forgotten iPhone passcode

It’s really annoying to forget your newly generated iPhone passcode. However, you shouldn’t be concerned. We’ll reveal a hidden iOS 17 feature that enables you to unlock your iPhone and change the passcode using your old passcode. It sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Recall that you may only use this feature on your iPhone for a maximum of 72 hours following the creation of a new passcode. There is an option to Expire Previous Passcode Now in the Face ID & Passcode settings if you forget your old password and no longer want to use it.
  • Easy password sharing

Group sharing is a feature of iOS 17 that makes sharing passwords easier. Bid adieu to manually pasting and copying passwords. Passwords and passkeys may now be safely shared among family members by creating groups and synchronising them across all of their devices for easy access.
  • Easier text message search

There are hundreds of message threads on your phone, and you need to locate a certain message inside one of thousands of messages in all of them. While it was still possible to scroll endlessly, iOS 17 significantly improved the Messages app’s search capabilities. To locate what you’re searching for more quickly, you may now filter your searches by contact, link, photo, location, and more.
  • Private browsing in iOS 17

Safari may require a password or Face ID or Touch ID before entering your private browsing session if you frequently use Private Browsing. Upon downloading iOS 17, the first time you switch to the private browsing mode, you should be prompted to set a password. Toggling the added layer of protection, however, is possible if you ignored it or didn’t notice the prompt. Open the Settings app, then select Safari > Require Face ID to Unlock Private Browsing.
  • New feature for locating lost Apple Watch

With iOS 17, you can now Ping your Apple Watch by using the associated iPhone thanks to a new function. This is a great way to find your lost Apple Watch, whether it’s under your desk at work, in the corner of the sofa, in the drawer of your bedside table, etc. The Control Centre has a Ping My Watch button that will sound an alert to help you find your Apple Watch more easily. If you are unable to locate this option in the Control Centre, don’t panic. The Control Centre does not automatically include this hidden iOS 17 feature, therefore you will have to manually install it. To accomplish this, select Settings > Control Centre, then press the “+” symbol that appears next.
  • Limit Safari GIF distractions

GIFs may be quite distracting when perusing through an article on your phone; occasionally, animations will bombard you from all directions. You can set animated pictures to automatically halt in other apps as well as Safari if you’re not a fan of them and think they’re just distracting. By using this hidden accessibility function, you may reduce needless power usage, speed up your surfing, and preserve some valuable data.
  • Crop photos quickly by zooming in

Whenever you need to quickly crop someone or something out of a picture, don’t bother searching for the crop tool in the Edit menu. Alternately, launch the Photos app and pinch-to-zoom the desired region of the image. When you zoomed in, did you notice that the Crop button appeared? You may choose to crop the image by tapping on it or maintain the aspect ratio by long-pressing on it.
  • Access photos swiftly in Messages

Using a plus symbol, you can now open your apps right from Messages and access features like the camera, stickers, location, and more. But, if all you want to do is view your photographs to share via text, all you have to do is tap and hold the + button to get to your most recent images.
  • Autofill email verification codes

With iOS 17, you may automate the process of email account verification by typing the verification code straight into your keyboard. Similar to text verification codes, this function improves security and simplicity. For flawless autofill capability, make sure the Mail app is configured with your email account.

Many secret features that improve security, convenience, and customisation for iPhone users are included in iOS 17. These improvements greatly improve the iOS experience, from auto-deleting verification codes to smooth Apple Music streaming and enhanced Siri capabilities. Users will value the creativity and attention to detail incorporated into the operating system as they discover these hidden treasures. Working with an iOS app development company in UK can open doors for companies and people looking to take advantage of these developments. They can design innovative apps that neatly mesh with the newest features of iOS 17 and boost user happiness. To read more content follow us on LinkedIn.  
Frequently Asked Questions

Some notable features of iOS 17 include auto-deletion of verification codes, offline Apple Maps usage, interactive iPhone widgets, seamless song playback in Apple Music, and enhanced Siri capabilities.

To enable offline maps in Apple Maps, open the app, tap on your profile icon, select Offline Maps, and then download the desired region for offline use.

Yes, iOS 17 introduces a group sharing feature that allows for easy and secure sharing of passwords among family members or groups.

In iOS 17, you can activate Siri by simply saying

Yes, iOS 17 offers improved private browsing in Safari with the option to require Face ID or Touch ID authentication before entering private browsing mode.

Yes, iOS 17 introduces a new feature that allows you to ping your lost Apple Watch using your iPhone, making it easier to locate within your vicinity.
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