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Our Process

Discovery Phase

DigitilizeWeb used these techniques in an effort to produce an ecommerce website that accurately captured the vision of FARHA DESIGNS and enthralled its target audience. In addition to showcasing the brand’s stunning creations, the objective was to deliver an outstanding user experience that would support the brand’s expansion and success in the fashion sector.

Key Project Stages

Key Project Stages

Identification of the main problem where we will develop a solution around it.

The Challenge

Once the problem has been identified, we draw out the challenge that we will address during the project.


We have contacted professionals in the sector to come up with unique ideas.

Insights hunting

Professionals have provided us with a unique insight that will give us the key to solving the problem


We analyse our competitors and study their decisions.


In our research we define the target audience to whom we communicate the solution.


We elaborate the flows to identify the screens that our team has to develop.

Hi-Fi Wireframes

We conducted a second version validating our results and created a more realistic version.


We conducted a second version validating our results and created a more realistic version.

Product Testing

We have tested the product with real users and verified our results.

Product Evaluation

We evaluate the product and identify whether it works and assess possible improvements.

Product Conclusions

We end with final conclusions and evolve the problem in the next steps.

Turbocharging User Experience

Elevated Visibility with Strategic SEO Mastery

To achieve more exposure and strategic online prominence, our team set out to become experts in SEO. In order to do this, SEMRush—a potent SEO tool—had to be strategically used. In addition to facilitating thorough competition analysis, SEMRush also offered useful insights that helped us improve our approach. The outcomes were evident, as there were notable gains in website traffic, organic search ranks, and exposure for pertinent search terms.

Turbocharging User Experience

Transforming Load Times for an Exceptional Experience

Our digital platform load times were optimised through a revolutionary journey we started as part of our commitment to provide an amazing customer experience. Using state-of-the-art optimisation methods, we carefully addressed performance and speed influencing aspects. Gtmetrix findings demonstrated that loading speeds have significantly improved. We are committed to giving consumers a flawless experience, and this deliberate focus on load time optimisation.

Integrated Chat Plugin for Lead Generation

Through instantaneous access to our services and individualised interactions, this integration aims to promote real-time engagement with visitors. By providing immediate support and information, the chat plugin improved user experience overall and expedited the lead generating process. User engagement rose as a result of the integrated chat plugin’s efficacy being confirmed through rigorous testing and deployment.

1-Year Free Maintenance

This programme is intended to offer a smooth and trouble-free experience, and our committed support staff will keep a close eye on things and take care of any problems that could come up. In addition to guaranteeing the website’s continuous optimal performance, this one-year free maintenance term frees FARHA DESIGNS from having to worry about technical issues and lets it focus on its main business operations.

Our Process

Security Measures

To reduce possible dangers, multi-layered authentication methods, secure socket layer (SSL) certificates, and advanced encryption algorithms were used. To find and fix any possible vulnerabilities in the system early on, regular security audits and vulnerability assessments were carried out. As part of our dedication to upholding the highest security standards, we kept up with the most recent security threats and made sure that policies were updated regularly to mitigate new threats.

Tech Stacks Used







Following the fruitful partnership between FARHA DESIGNS and DigitilizeWeb, the new ecommerce website perfectly captures the aesthetic and guiding principles of the company. The design idea incorporates contemporary aspects that appeal to current customers while capturing the brand’s refinement and femininity. We successfully developed a website that captures its target audience’s attention and expresses the FARHA DESIGNS vision by fusing strategic design decisions with a focus on user experience. The result of the partnership between FARHA DESIGNS and DigitilizeWeb is an aesthetically gorgeous and highly functional website that captures the company’s spirit and helps it flourish and succeed in the cutthroat fashion market.


Frequently Asked Questions

Multi-layered authentication methods, SSL certificates, and advanced encryption algorithms were used. Regular security audits and vulnerability assessments were conducted to identify and fix potential vulnerabilities, and policies were updated to address new threats.

The website incorporated contemporary aspects appealing to current customers while capturing the refinement and femininity of FARHA DESIGNS. Strategic design decisions and a focus on user experience resulted in a website that accurately expressed the company's vision.

The partnership resulted in an aesthetically gorgeous and highly functional website that captured FARHA DESIGNS' spirit. The design, coupled with strategic decisions, helped FARHA DESIGNS flourish and succeed in the competitive fashion market.

DigitilizeWeb employed user flows, hi-fi wireframes, and prototypes to guide users around the website with ease. Thorough product testing and evaluation were conducted to fix any usability problems and ensure compatibility with FARHA DESIGNS' vision.

DigitilizeWeb strategically used SEMRush, a powerful SEO tool, for competition analysis and gained valuable insights. The outcomes included notable gains in website traffic, organic search ranks, and exposure for relevant search terms.

Through state-of-the-art optimization methods, DigitilizeWeb addressed performance and speed-related aspects. Gtmetrix findings demonstrated a significant improvement in loading speeds, contributing to an exceptional customer experience.

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